To place a device or material into the body.

An alloplastic device or material that is placed into the body.

Transplanted or inserted material, e.g., artificial joints used in reconstructive surgery, prosthetic device.

Something grafted or inserted into a person, e.g. tissue, a drug, inert material or a device such as a pacemaker.

To place a substitute organ, tissue, or device in a living body. The difference between implanting and transplanting is that implanting may involve a device (for example, a cardiac pacemaker, or an artificial hip joint, or a capsule of radioactive material) or an organ or tissue, while transplanting involves only organs or tissues. The term implant may also be used as a noun to indicate the organ or tissue implanted.

To attach a part or tissue to a host (e.g., to insert a tooth). N. tissue or part inserted into a host for repair of a damaged part (e.g., a blood vessel graft) or for therapeutic reasons (e.g., pacemaker inserted in the chest).

Any material placed inside the body to repair or replace damaged tissues or organs, deliver drugs or hormones, or improve appearance. Implants include artificial joints, screws, and pins to hold broken bones together; synthetic lenses used to replace lenses affected by cataracts (see cataract surgery); patches for strengthening hernia repairs; pacemakers to control heartbeat; and artificial heart valves. In a procedure called brachytherapy, radioactive seeds are implanted in the prostate gland for treatment of prostate cancer.

An object inserted into the body, such as a piece of tissue, a tooth, a pellet of medicine, a tube or needle containing a radioactive substance, liquid and solid plastic materials used to augment tissues or to fill in areas traumatically or surgically removed, and artificial joints.

A dental appliance consisting of one end surgically embedded into the bone and the other end capped with a crown, commonly used as a stable foundation for a bridge or denture.

An implant refers to any substance, whether natural or artificial, that is inserted into the body for medical or cosmetic reasons.