A vascular reaction of the skin that presents with pale red, raised, and itchy bumps. Commonly referred to as hives and may be associated with the sensation of burning or stinging. It often occurs in response to an allergic reaction but it can be induced by nonallergic conditions. Allergicinduced reactions usually last less than 6 weeks and are called acute urticaria. Nonallergic reactions usually last longer than 6 weeks and are called chronic urticaria.

(Or hives) is a skin condition, commonly caused by an allergic reaction, that is characterized by raised red skin welts.

An itchy rash which results from inflammation and leakage of fluid from the blood into the superficial layers of the skin in response to various mediators. Synonyms are ‘hives’ or ‘nettle rash’.

An allergic disorder marked by raised patches of skin causing itchy swellings of the skin.

Vascular reaction of the skin characterized by the temporary eruption of wheals; hives.


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