Wild turkey

An indigenous avian species, known as the wild turkey, finds its natural habitat within the United States and certain regions of Canada. These magnificent land birds are frequently encountered in open woodlands or clearings within the embrace of forests, where they thrive. Their dietary preferences encompass a diverse range of sustenance, including acorns, fruits, and various seeds. During the autumn season, adult male turkeys, referred to as toms, exhibit a weight of approximately 15 pounds, feathers included, while adult hens boast a weight of about 7 to 4 pounds. Younger members of the species, both male and female, tend to possess a more modest weight, with males averaging around 10 pounds and females around 5 pounds. When it comes to culinary endeavors, the preparation of adult birds calls for either roasting or braising methods, which unlock their flavors and tenderize their meat. On the other hand, the younger turkeys can be delightfully savored through broiling or sautéing techniques, which accentuate their succulence and inherent qualities.