Fabled hairy hominid, also called yahoo, native to Australia. Like the American Bigfoot, the Himalayan YETI, and the Chinese ALMA, the yowie is an elusive creature said to live in remote regions, primarily high forest areas. The yowie has been reported as being a longtime inhabitant of Aboriginal lore, and accounts of sightings by European-Australians have been reported since at least the mid-19th century and up to today. The yowie is usually described as taller than a human male, black or dark skinned, and covered with gray hair. Its footprint is larger than a humans and, at least at one site, has only four toes. A handprint found after one sighting show that its little finger is somewhat splayed, so as to suggest a second thumb. Some witnesses suggest that it may be related to orangutans or apes, while others suggest that it could be the remnants of an earlier form of humankind. However, because there is no fossil evidence of any primates other than humans on the Australian continent, the yowie is not generally acknowledged by Australian scientists and remains a fringe creature even for modern cryptozoologists, but anecdotal lore remains prolific.