Hair transplant prices in Turkish clinics

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Hair transplant is one of the leading specialties in Turkey. As IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal) reports, specialists accept 200 international patients per day who go to Turkey for the affordable and high-quality hair plantation. More than 80,000 people travel to Turkey to get a new hair each year and this number continues to increase.

When people take an interest in hair grafting in Turkey, they are worried only with two questions —  how affordable is hair transplant in Turkey and what clinic to choose. We try to answer these questions in this article.

So how much does hair transplant cost in Turkey? According to Bookimed (an international platform for best medical options), there are 5 Turkish clinics that are chosen by international patients most frequently due to the package prices and discounts.  Here they are:

1.  Adem and Havva Medical Center

This medical facility is located in Istanbul. Adem and Havva Clinic was founded by Dr. Safiye Kurt, one of the best Turkish hair transplant specialists. Over 16,000 plastic procedures have been performed in this clinic annually. Specialists offer special hair transplant package that includes all necessary services (operation, accommodation, transfer, and post-op care). The package price is $1,577. Adem and Havva Center provide patients with the lifetime guarantee for the transplanted hair.

2.  Estetik International Clinic

The clinic was founded in 1999 in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Izmir. 240,000 patients choose Estetik International each year. Specialists perform over 85,000 hair transplants per year. This number is one of the largest within Turkey. Plastic surgeons apply such methods of hair plantation as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and FUE grafting. The price of hair transplant in this clinic is $2,520 and involves surgery, postoperative care, accommodation and transfer. The center provides 20% discount for second surgery and 30% discount for the third one.

3.  Smile Hair Clinic

It is a medical center in Istanbul, where specialists carry out innovative micro FUE method that makes possible to transplant 4,000 grafts without scars. The clinic is popular with patients from the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy. Dr. Mehmet Erdogan with almost 10 years and 5,000 hair implantations under his belt heads Smile Hair Center. The price for the procedure in this clinic is average within Turkey, so be ready pay approximately $2,000. Except of the operation and follow-up care, the price also includes PRP therapy for hair growth stimulation, special shampoo and foam.

4.  Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

Doctors of this center conduct a unique technique of hair transplant — Sapphire FUE method. It is a seamless method, when during the surgery a plastic surgeon apply micro instrument with a sapphire tip. Such a procedure takes 3-6 hours. Patients from the UK and Argentina adore Istanbul Aesthetics Center for hair plantation. The cost of hair grafting here is $1,900 and combines the surgery itself, post-op examination, accommodation, and transfers.

5.  SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic

SALUSS is a specialized medical facility in hair transplantation situated in Antalya. Specialists provide a lifetime warranty for the implanted hair grafts. The hospital was established in 2001 and has achieved 95% success rate of the procedure. It means that in 95 cases out of 100 the transplanted hair is replanted successfully. The price of hair plantation is this clinic is $1,750 and covers operation, accommodation, transfers, special shampoo, and city tour.




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