Health benefits of Abiu Fruit

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Health benefits of Abiu FruitAbiu Fruit is certainly one types of Sapodilla which was originated from Australia, abiu fruit also offers several advantages for health, and today, we inform you 5 Advantages of Abiu Fruit for overall health. Abiu, features a distinct consistency and also flavor at large, yet which was additionally type of sapodilla fruit. So far as we realize, Abiu fruit wasn’t well-known fruit on earth, simply because abiu fruit wasn’t grow in every nations around the world. The abiu (Pouteria caimito) is actually a fruit crop indigenous to the warm and also damp lowlands of South America. Even though brought to a number of other places around the world, the abiu remains to be fairly uncommon in Australia. It’s been explained, together with four various other exotic fruits (durian, mangosteen, rambutan and also longan), as possessing excellent possibility of industrial development in northern Queensland.

The abiu tree is really a bright, heavy producer and is also fairly free of pests and also diseases. It is just a heavily foliaged evergreen along with mild green leaves along with a thick pyramidal crown just like the mangosteen. The tree generates gleaming, dark green lanceolate leaves. The abiu tree is usually a medium-sized evergreen tree, which could grow up to fifteen m tall below perfect situations. The fruit is oblong to spherical-shaped and also ranges from six to twelve cm long. The fruit weighs in between 400 and 700 g, and is also pointed at the stigma end. Whenever ripe, the skin turns a yellow colour. The skin could be leather like in consistency, 3-5 mm thicker and produce sticky latex. The clear, white-colored flesh within contains a caramel taste as well as surrounds 1-5 seeds.

Health benefits of Abiu Fruit

Abiu Fruit is certainly one types of Sapodilla which was originated from Australia, abiu fruit also offers several advantages for health, and today, we inform you 5 Advantages of Abiu Fruit for health. Abiu, features a distinct consistency and also flavor at large, yet which was also type of sapodilla fruit. So far as we all know, Abiu fruit wasn’t well-known fruit on earth, simply because abiu fruit wasn’t grow in most countries. Well, listed here are Advantages of Abiu Fruit for Health, only at Fruits Benefits.

Well, listed here are Advantages of Abiu Fruit for Health, only at Fruits Benefits.

1. Healthy and Beauty Eye

Same with carrot, tomatoes as well as strawberry, Abiu Fruit may also provide you with healthy and beauty eye, due to higher Vitamin A content within this fruit. Alongside it, Abiu Fruit may also enable you to avoid several eye problem and also difficulty. Therefore, if you wish to have beauty and health eye, simply consume abiu fruit and also feel this first advantage of abiu fruit.

2. High Immune System

Yes, High Defense mechanisms is definitely the 2nd advantage of abiu fruit, why? Simply because Abiu Fruit consists of a lot more vitamin C content, and that vitamin might help us to improve defense mechanisms quality. Defense mechanisms was actually essential for us, since it might help us to prevent from several hazardous viruses and also bacterial. Well, let’s see the next advantage of abiu fruit for overall health.

3. High Fiber Content

The Next Abiu Fruit Benefit for health is consisting of High in fiber content. Are you aware the advantages of fiber? Well, fiber might help weight loss routine and also beside it, fiber can easily optimizing a digestion system, conquer and stop bowel problems, and stop several digestive problems. Therefore, if you wish to improve your health digestion system, simply attempt to eat foods or even fruits that contains high in fiber content, one of these is Abiu Fruit.

4. Overcome diseases

Well, some other Advantage of Abiu Fruit for health is might help us to beat several illnesses. In Brazil, Abiu Fruit has been utilized to alleviate coughs, respiratory disease along with other respiratory issues or even lungs.

5. The Rich in Vitamin B3 content

Vitamin B3 functions within the action of glucose metabolism, fat as well as alcohol. The part of vitamin B3 is created of two coenzymes NAD and also NADP are needed for metabolic process, glucose, fat and also alcohol. Inclusion of vitamin B3 assists skin health, central nervous system and also digestive system.

More about Abiu tree

The flowers are born across the branches between the external canopy or even leafy tip and also the main trunk. Every flowering branch can create in between 20 and 280 flowers. The hermaphrodite flowers are small and white in colour and located individually or perhaps in groups in the axil of the leaf. The flowers usually open each morning and also continue for as much as Two days. First fruiting starts at any time from 2 years onwards for seedlings and also grafted trees can flower within the 1st year. The crop flowers 3 times annually in northern Queensland. However, fruit set is much more plentiful throughout the hotter months.

Fruit development and also enhancement proceeds in a continuous rate, getting in between 100 and 130 days from flowering to fruit maturation, with respect to the temperatures and also orchard management. Fruit development is reduced from flowers produced throughout the chillier months of the season compared to from flowers produced throughout the hotter November-January period.

Origin and Distribution

The abiu is really a denizen of the headwaters of the Amazon. It will grow wild around the lower eastern slopes of the Andes from southwestern Venezuela to Peru. It is usually grown all around Iquitos, Peru. In Ecuador, it’s quite common within the Province of Guayas and also the fruits are sold within the marketplaces of Guayaquil. It really is much cultivated about Pará, Brazil; less often close to Rio de Janeiro, and also to a restricted degree at Bahia. In Colombia, it really is not unusual within the parts of Caquetá, Meta and Vaupés also it is full of the surrounding areas of Amazonas, Venezuela. It’s been developing for several years within Trinidad.

The plant explorers, Dorsett, Shamel and also Popenoe, gathered seeds for the United States Department of Agriculture in Bahia in 1914 (S.P.I. #37929). In 1915, seeds were caused by Lavoras, Minas, Brazil (S.P.I. #41003). This particular species have been grown many times in the Agricultural Research and Education Center, Homestead, Florida, but many of the young plants happen to be wiped out by winter cold. Several trees grown in 1953 fruited within 1962.

Types of Abiu Fruit

There’s significantly variation within the type, dimension and quality of the fruits of seedling trees, several having firm flesh, several soft; and several are insipid, while some have got reasonable taste. At Puerto Ospina, across the Putamayo River in Colombia, there exists a type which fruits in Four years. The fruit is spherical and huge. Close to the River Inirida, in Vaupés, Colombia, there exists a type which bears in a single year from seed, however the fruits are tiny along with tiny pulp.

Nutritional value of Abiu fruit

Table 1. Nutritional information for abiu (Anon., 1961)


per 100 g edible portion

Ascorbic acid (Vit C) (m g) 49
Ash (g) 0.9
Calcium (mg) 22
Carbohydrate (g) 36.3
Energy (cal.) 140
Fat (g) 0.4
Fibre (g) 0.9
Iron (mg) 1
Niacin (mg) 34
Phosphorus (mg) 41
Protein (g) 1.8
Riboflavin (mg) 0.02
Thiamine (mg) 0.02
Vit A (m g) 130

How to Eat Abiu Fruit

As soon as ripen, store within the fridge to attain its optimum sweet taste. To consume just slice open the fruit and also scoop out the soft, transparent interior. Take care not to scoop too tightly towards the skin since the skin features a wax-like, latex consistency.


The fruit is vulnerable. Select fruits which are free from blemishes or even bruises. The fruit ought to be yellow and also firm whenever ripe. There ought to be an indication of green near to the stem. Take care not to squeeze too hard, since this will bruise the fragile flesh. The fruit could keep chilled for the week, if not injured or even stung.


The wood of the abiu tree is thick, heavy, and difficult and is also utilized as timber in building.


The fruit of the abiu tree is delicious and regarded among the best of the sapotes because of having the fairly sweet caramel-like flavor of sapodilla with a simpler consistency. It really is generally consumed out of hand and, even though in Colombia those consuming the fruit this way are encouraged to oil their lips to help keep the gummy latex from sticking, this particular risk could be prevented simply by choosing fully ripe fruits and also scooping out the flesh having a utensil. The tartness of the bit of additional lime juice might boost the taste, particularly when cooled. The melting sweet pulp of the abiu is additionally utilized to taste ice cream and also cut into yogurt for the light as well as scrumptious breakfast. The subtlety of the flavor limits its utility in more complicated confections and also salads. Abiu fruit is really a substantial source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, as well as vitamin C.


The darkish golden-yellow, overripe fruit develops a mucilaginous nature.[citation needed]In Brazil, individuals utilize this characteristic to alleviate coughs, bronchitis along with other pulmonary afflictions.[citation needed]Various other folk medicine utilizes are just as one astringent, anti-anemic, and also anti-inflammatory and also to alleviate fever and also diarrhea.


The wood is thick and heavy, tough, and also valued for construction.





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