Health Benefits of CBD to the Elderly

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is well-known for its various benefits to the human body. For senior citizens, CBD has a lot to offer. Here are a few health benefits of CBD.

Manages pain

As we grow old, our body starts to fail, and we end up in pain most of the time. It’s inevitable! However, with the help of CBD, you can alleviate some of the pain and inflammation.

Research has shown that CBD can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain from conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), and joint pain. CBD can reduce pain by activating various receptors in the endocannabinoid system. It’s also important to note that some healthcare professionals and senior caregivers prefer to use CBD because it’s a natural remedy, unlike the traditional painkiller.

Improves the quality of sleep

Sleep disorders are common among the elderly. CBD can help the elderly get the much-needed rest by solving various conditions in the body that cause lack of sleep. These include restlessness, anxiety, stress, and general unbalance in the body. CBD has a calming effect and naturally promotes a healthier sleep for seniors. This is a much healthier alternative than taking sleep medications.

Promotes bone health

We’ve already established that the older we get, the weaker our entire systems become. For older adults, having bone health is important for day-to-day activities. Instead of taking supplements, some health professionals advocate for CBD among the seniors. CBD can help strengthen the bones. It can also help the healing process in case of a fracture.

Helps improve heart health

According to research done by the American College of Cardiology, heart disease is the most common condition among older adults. It’s the number one cause of death for this age group. As per recent studies, CBD can be used as a natural treatment for high blood pressure.

In addition, the antioxidant properties of CBD have also been known to reduce cardiac inflammation. Lastly, it can deter cell death caused by oxidative stress.

Helps with mood-related disorders

We all have suffered mood swings at one point in our lives. However, for seniors, this can be extreme and unsettling for people around them. Experts have proved that CBD can be used to alleviate mood-related disorders. CBD can mitigate our mood by interacting with the various receptors. CBD calms the body and mind, thus helping with mood-related disorders.

Preventing neurodegenerative diseases

Experts believe that since CBD can interact with receptors in our brain and central nervous system, it has the potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

Various researches show promising results. Some include a 2007 study that tried to use CBD to reduce the neuroinflammation associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In a different study, there’s the 2012 research on how CBD can be used to slow the degenerative process and alleviate the pain and spasms of multiple sclerosis and so much more. With successful results, CBD could be a primary treatment method for seniors suffering from neurodegenerative diseases soon. For more CBD benefits and products, visit




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