About Henbit deadnettle

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Henbit deadnettle Quick Facts
Name: Henbit deadnettle
Scientific Name: Lamium amplexicaule
Origin Europe, Asia and Northern Africa
Colors Grayish yellow
Shapes Egg-shaped to oblong, 1-2 mm long
Henbit deadnettle is a weedy plant which belongs to mint family associated to ornamental lamiums. Inherent to Europe, northern Africa and Western Asia, it is widespread throughout the US and other parts of the world. Plants are found in open areas on waste ground, cultivated fields, in lawns, along roadsides and railroads and in disturbed and unmanaged areas. It is a winter annual or biennial and fast growing and spring germinating annual. Leaves are rounded to heart shaped with scalloped or weakly lobed edges and reticulated appearance due to depressed veins. The leaves are medium green which grows to an inch across opposite each other on square stem which occurs at intervals along the stems. Upper leaves hold on the stems directly and lacks petioles and the lower leaves do not have long petioles. Stems are branched at the base, spreading and are square in cross section. Flowers are purple to pinkish-purple forming in whorls in upper leaf axils. Leaves are slightly hairy outside with ring of hairs inside.

Culinary uses

  • Leaves are consumed raw or cooked.
  • Add it to salads or use it as potherb.
  • It can be added to teas.
  • Add raw henbit to salads, wraps, soups or green smoothies.












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