How to Determine if CBD Oil is Made with Good Quality Ingredients

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CBD or cannabidiol is an ingredient of the marijuana and hemp plant that does not have the psychoactive effects. Recent research claims that this oil is being used for medicinal purposes. Proponents claim that it is good for inducing sleep, curing headaches and other common ailments such as anxiety, cancer, and epilepsy among others. The oil has since become very popular prompting a lot of companies and individuals to come into the scene to buy and sell. With this popularity also comes fake products. If you want to buy cbd oil online or any other place for that matter, it is important that you know what to look for so that you find a product with the right ingredients.

Should be Free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

CBD oil is the no psychoactive element of marijuana. Good quality CBD should not have a lot of THC, the element that causes the high sensation in marijuana. When extracted properly, it should only have traces of the element. There are various methods you can use to test the levels of THC in CBD. The lower the level of THC, the better the CBD oil. In essence, good CBD oil should contain between 0.3% to 0.5% or less of THC.

Consider CBD from Hemp

CBD from hemp is considered to be better than that extracted from the marijuana plant. Marijuana contains high levels of THC that causes high effect when induced into a human bloodstream. CBD from hemp not only does not have the THC element, but also contains other useful elements such as terpenes and cannabinoids.

Test by a Third Party

Most CBD oil dealers just source for low quality and sometimes fake products in a bid to make huge profits. Such products might not even be CBD but just a concoction of some things. Checking if a particular product has undergone tests by a third party is a good way of determining if it has the right ingredients. The reports of these testing should be available on the selling company’s website. If you fail to find the reports, this should raise concerns and maybe the involved company is selling a counterfeit product. 

Check other Users Reviews

A lot of people now use CBD oil for various purposes. Since there has been a rise of multiple vendors within this industry, it is good to check out product reviews from those who have used the product. You can even reach some of these previous users directly and ask their opinions. If you manage to find genuine individuals that have no affiliations with the selling companies, they can tell you which of the available products in the market has good ingredients. 

Check the Listed Ingredients

Last but not least, you can simply check the list of ingredients in a particular product. If the product is genuine, then the company will show the ingredients and the amount of each. However, if the product is counterfeit, it will not have the ingredients. Some can have fake ingredients on the packaging. You can ask for a sample and have it tested in a lab of your choice before making a full purchase. 




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