How to lose weight and keep it off

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Losing weight is only a battle as lasting it is the war. Many people have lost a pound only to gain more weight after that. However, don’t be afraid because here you will find the ideal steps to ensure you not only lose weight but also keep it off.

1. Cut on Calorie intake through Embracing the Mediterranean diet

 It is a rule of thumb that to lose weight you need to cut on calorie intake. It is easy to start out cutting on calorie intake. However, without proper planning and understanding, you will soon find yourself overwhelmed with cravings for old eating habits or lack of a proper eating plan.

A mediterranean diet will help you control your calorie intake. Mediterranean diet is a simple diet approach that creates emphasis on eating good carbohydrates and fats in small quantities alongside large amounts of vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, and other healthy foods. Furthermore, a Mediterranean diet is more than just what you eat. It also involves sharing food with other people and maintaining daily physical activities.

Sharing mealtimes is a social experience that will help you relieve stress and thus lose weight.

2. Get a support network to stay motivated

  To lose weight permanently, you are required to make healthy lifestyle adjustments into your life. To stay motivated during the transition, you need to have a support network to cheer you on. To lose weight and not lose track, you need someone to help you through the journey.

There are times you will lose hope and motivation. However, having a weight-loss buddy who is either a friend, colleague or family member will ensure that you get the moral support required to get you through the weight loss program and after that maintaining healthy body weight. The support network also works as a form of accountability.

3. Be in control of your food environment

 Losing weight is a journey that takes a long period. This means that even after you have lost weight, the program does not come to an end. Therefore, to lose weight and keep it off, you require to be very cautious about your food environment. You will be required to make changes to what, when, where, and why you eat any meal.

Begin by cooking your meals at home because then you will have control of the ingredients used. You should follow by checking and the meal timetable to ensure that you only eat at the right time and you are eating the right portions. You should also avoid eating from food packages and instead use a smaller plate. You should also consider drinking more water and observing intermittent fasting.

4. Set small and realistic goals

 Many people make the mistake of losing weight without an intended goal. As a result, you will most probably be unable to control your weight loss program. To ensure that you lose weight and remain there, you have to set a goal of what weight you want to have at the end of the program. You should then set smaller goals that are geared towards achieving the main goal.

The goals you set also need to be informed and realistic. This could begin with just losing 7% of your weight then advancing to lose probably 15%. The small goals need a follow up to ensure that you are following through.

5. Ensure to undertake self-monitoring and get enough sleep

 To ensure that you don’t lose track of your eating plans, you need to undertake self-monitoring. You could either use an app or go old school with a diary. You can check the list of apps suggested by Patricia and Carolyn if you don’t have an app in mind. I would suggest you go with the app option because the apps can help you keep track of food intake and know when you drift from your plans easily.

You should also monitor your sleep patterns to ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Having sufficient sleep will help reduce stress and as a result, achieve weight loss.

In summary, weight loss is a journey that should be undertaken well to avoid the resurgence of weight gain. The list above has provided tips that will not only help you lose weight but also keep it off.




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