Importance of Adult Day Care – We Need Them More Than Ever Before

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Adult daycare provides senior citizens with the community of their own and the caregivers the freedom to go to work and enjoy their life. These facilities offer a friendly environment, care, and medical assistance at a monthly fee and usually operate five days a week during business hours. Some daycare centers also offer additional services during the weekend and in the evening hours for those who may need it.

There are more than 4000 facilities in the United States and the moment, and there is a need for more. For the starters, the fact that there are more than 52 million senior citizens in the USA at the moment, makes it very clear that we need more senior care facilities and this number is soon going to double. Are we prepared to provide the best care to our elderly? Do we have enough trained staff to manage the needs of senior citizens in the daycare and retired living facilities?

The situation is dire; we need to fill the gap between the need and available options urgently. Scroll down to find some more severe numbers that will elucidate the importance of adult daycare and the need to build better and a higher number of facilities at a rapid pace.

1.    52 Million US Citizens are Seniors

A recent census has put the number of senior citizens in the country at a whopping 52 million. According to the same study, this number will be at 95 million by 2060. So, we are looking at a population that is getting older at a very fast pace and will be needing care and assistance in all the areas like managing finances, physical support, and medical help. A senior day car can take care of all their needs while giving them the chance to spend time with their loved ones. A daycare facility relieves the caregivers from the responsibility of caring 24×7. It also provides the elderly with the much-needed change in the form of stepping out of their homes and spending time with people of their age.

2.    Average Life Expectancy is 78 Years

The average life expectancy of Americans is now 78 years, all thanks to improvement in health care facilities and modern technology. An increase in life expectancy, on the one hand, is an excellent news for the nation, and on the other, it is bound to increase pressure on the senior care facilities. This is where senior daycare centers like Skylark Senior Day Care can step in to help. These centers can balance in the oncoming pressure on the senior homes and will also build a better society where the seniors live with their family and spend their days socializing and enjoying.

3.    Alzheimer’s and Arthritis have Become Common Health Problems

Many senior citizens experience chronic health conditions like arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Both these diseases make living alone, a difficult task. A senior daycare facility can help family members take proper care of the elders without having to quit their job or change their lifestyle. A patient with Alzheimer’s cannot be left alone, plus they need therapy, which can be provided easily at a daycare center for a few days in a week.

4.    Only 3 Percent of Seniors Live in Nursing Homes

This statistic is a cause of concern because that’s a very small number of people who are receiving proper care and spending their time with people of their age group. This means, 97% of seniors are either living on their own or are being cared by their children/family. A senior daycare facility can ease the burden of the caregivers who are continually dealing with older people who have physical or mental ailments. These facilities can also help seniors get out of the rut and spend time with people other than their family.

5.    Only 12 Percent Use Dating Sites

Loneliness is one of the biggest banes of old age. Many factors like the death of the spouse, divorce or living far away from family, leaves them with no option but to spend their days alone without close contact with anyone. A survey conducted on seniors recently revealed that only 12 percent of seniors use a dating app to meet some. Again, this number is very small and worrisome. Loneliness is dangerous, for all age groups and can be extra depressing for seniors who do not have family close by. A senior daycare center can become a great place to meet like-minded people and enjoy dating once again.

A senior day care facility is very important for our society. It is one options that works for both the sides involved in case of caring for a senior. It lets seniors enjoy the love of their family while they meet and enjoy the company of people of their age group. On the other hand, these facilities let care givers enjoy a normal life and do simple tasks like a job or getting groceries without having to worry about a senior at home.




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