4 Tips to preparing for the LSAT exam

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Law School Admission Test, commonly known as the LSAT is an important test for anyone looking to join law school. The test is aimed at testing your ability to study law and start a career as a lawyer. Due to how vast law is, the LSAT exam is normally different from all other tests and requires a lot studying.

For you to effectively prepare for an LSAT exam you need to understand the questions and the kind of answers that the examiners need. To do this you require enough time to study before sitting for the exam. Here are four tips that will help you prepare effectively for your LSAT exam and ensure a good score.

Start studying early

Whether you are working prior to the exam or just at home it is important that you start LSAT revision early. LSAT exams are comprehensive and are divided into analytical reasoning and reading comprehension sections that require an in-depth knowledge of what you learned.

It is therefore not possible to study for the exam in a fortnight and you will need to start studying months prior to the exam date. Have a study schedule to prepare for the exam setting aside several hours of the day to study.


Practice and apply what you’ve learned

Apart from studying what you have learned you need to familiarize yourself with the type of questions being asked in the test. This will enable you to get a clear picture of the format used and know which approach to use when answering the questions. Practice and test yourself using previous tests to determine whether you are ready.

Previous tests along with answers are available online for revision purposes. Time yourself during the test revision and record your score after completing the tests. Revise any questions that you might have missed to know where you went wrong. This will help you improve on your time and accuracy in answering the questions as required.


Find and do as many tests as you can until you are sure that you have a full grasp of the type of LSAT questions to be asked. Practice will also sharpen your analytical and reasoning skills.

Give as many detailed answers as you can

When answering LSAT questions, try to give a detailed answer to every question to the best of your knowledge. During practice, you will come across questions that are more difficult than others. Start with the simple ones before going to the tough ones to save time, but do not refrain from answering the tough ones.

Revisit any tough questions and try to answer them as much as you can. Go back to the answers to check where you answered wrongly and focus on understanding and correcting your mistakes. This way you will gradually improve and be able to answer difficult questions, eliminating the fear of getting them wrong.

Use nootropics

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Remember to rest before the test after having revised. Sleep well and get ready to excel in the exam.




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