Medical Supplies for Your Recuperation: Four Examples of What to Keep On Hand

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Recovering from a serious illness at home means that you need to keep certain medical supplies on hand. The goal is to ensure that you continue to mend at a reasonable pace and avoid possibly complications. This is a period in which your skin needs protection from potential irritants that could lead to inflammation or infect. Here are some examples of what to keep on hand for now and possibly to keep available for future use.

Antibacterial Washes

Keeping the site of a wound or some sort of infection clean is a priority. When you need to apply fresh dressing, it pays to clean the area thoroughly. It’s not just about using soap and water to clean the skin. You also want to apply some sort of antibacterial wash for maximum results. That wash will help minimize the risk of any lingering bacteria on the skin. Along with promoting healing, the wash often helps soothe the skin and prevent itching.

Bandages and Ointments

After cleaning the skin, some type of ointment can provide further protection for the wound. The right ointment will also support the body’s efforts to heal the affected area. Applying it according to the instructions will maximize the results.

The right bandages are also important. You want something that covers the affected area completely. Ideally, the bandage will adhere properly and not slip out of place as you go about the day or try to get a good night’s rest. If you’re not sure about what size or type of bandage to use, your doctor can provide some practical suggestions.

Surgical Gloves

Even if you’re very good about washing your hands before applying a bandage, it’s still a good idea to keeps surgical gloves on hand. These gloves are sterile and help to reduce the risk of introducing fresh bacteria to the wound surface. One of the great things about these gloves is that they are inexpensive. It’s easy enough to order a hundred of them and still not break the bank.

Incontinence Supplies

Depending on the nature of the event that led to the medical issue, incontinence may be one of the problems associated with the recovery period. Your doctor ensures that this is a temporary situation. In the meantime, you’ll need to find a way to manage the condition. That’s where the idea of adult diapers comes into the picture.

You’ll find that the diapers offered today are much different from the ones that you probably used when your child was just a baby. For one thing, they are not very bulky. The better brands use absorbent materials that help to wick away moisture and prevent rashes to the skin. Best of all, they are virtually undetectable under your clothing. Most will also include elements that help to contain the scent.

If you’re embarrassed by the prospect of going into a medical supply shop and buying diapers for yourself, there’s an alternative. As your doctor will explain, you can easily place an order online for diapers for adults and have them delivered to your home. They’ll even come in discreet packaging so no one will know.

There may be other medical supplies that you need, based on the nature of your condition. Your doctor will provide a list of what to keep on hand, how to use those supplies responsibly, and even how long you need to keep using them. Make your choices wisely and your recovery period can progress without any complications.




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