How to Save On Your Contact Lenses

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Depending on where they are purchased, contact lenses can prove expenses, up to $500 annually. With a little effort and some extra time, there are ways to save. Still, it is essential to pay attention to the quality and the reputation of the supplier. Another thing to remember is, some countries, like the United States, require you have a legitimate prescription from a licensed optometrist to purchase legally any kind of contacts, including color lenses.

That is not true everywhere. In some places, you can buy freely. In those situations, it is wise to see an eye physician regardless. It might not be necessary to have a prescription, but it is crucial to have measurements so that the pieces fit without moving around with the potential for damaging the eye or worse vision.

If buying online, it is impossible to have a fitting or for someone to test vision – or is it? Go here to learn about online vision testing. You need to provide this information in order to progress through the buying process. Online is probably among the least expensive purchase options.

Ways to Save On (Or Even Get Free) Contact Lenses

It might take a little longer, and you might have to exert more effort, but there are a few ways to save money on contact lenses with some possibilities for getting them at virtually no cost.

The primary thing to keep in mind while putting forth this effort is to ensure the providers, you are pursuing are reputable, trusted brands with quality products. You in no way should sacrifice vision in exchange for a few dollars. It is worth the extra cost to maintain eye health and safety.

Some of the safest (non-sacrificial) techniques you can employ to save include:

Trial Contact Lenses from Your Optometrist

When you see the optometrist for your eye exam, you will receive a prescription for the contacts and a lens fitting. These fittings are vital because you do not want the lens to be too big, making them too tight in your socket or too small. If the pair moves around in your eye, they could scratch, causing damages.

Following the exam, the optometrist will often offer free contact lenses specifically for you with your choice from various brands and different types. The doctor is the ideal resource for questioning which brand is the best so that when it comes time for you to order, you will know which site to use.

The first time you order on your own, you should make another appointment with the optometrist to ensure a fit and matching prescription. The free contacts the doctor gave you will last be based on the type you chose. It is the perfect way to save money, at least for a little while. Go to for guidelines on which lens to wear.

Creativity Goes A Long Way

You can only ask the eye doctor to give you another free pair of lenses so many times. You need to consider then an alternative for getting free or reduced-cost options. The physician probably will not mind supplying you until you are able to find the best provider, but the office will likely have a specific timeframe that should happen, and then you will need to buy them.

Buying from the optometrist will be the most expensive purchase option. You should request alternatives, suggestions on brands, or maybe stay with glasses until you are better able to afford to buy a pair from another resource. The recommendation is that the eye doctor is the last choice for buying contacts due to the expense.

Promotions and Coupons from Manufacturers

Free trial lenses are a promotion sometimes offered by contact lens manufacturers, or they will provide substantial coupon savings. You can go to a real-time store or even shop online to validate the coupon.

Even if there are no promotions from a particular brand online, you can always contact the manufacturer for the brand you are interested in to see if you can test the products.

Many will allow the trial with hopes it will result in you are using them as your provider. Often this is how consumers find the lenses that work best for their eyes. The supplier will need your prescription because (at least in the U.S.) these are medical devices per the FDA and cannot be sold without the script.

Search Suppliers Online

Google the different suppliers that your doctor might have suggested. If you did not receive recommendations from the physician, ask friends, relatives, or other people close to you who have contact lens providers they use regularly. These are the best resources to give you an honest opinion or reputable suppliers that will provide the best rates.

When you get a decent list, you can narrow it down by searching to see who has any promotional offers, substantial coupon offerings, or possible rebates for trial pairs. You need a carrier that will provide a trial pair so you can get a feel for the lenses noting comfort, fit, and style.

If you find a retailer that offers a buy one/get one free promotion, this is still an awesome saving because ultimately, you receive a free pair all the same. You will get to try them and not lose a significant amount of money if they are not for you.

For the free trials, you want to get seven-days of wear, or the promotion will not be worth it.

When you narrow down to one carrier, read reviews, testimonials, and go on the store’s website to check out the ratings from those who use the products before you commit. With negative comments, you want to see how the carrier handled the situation and if the retailer resolved the issue.

Once you receive the trial pair, check with the optometrist if you are unsure how to put them in and for a quick check on the prescription with a vision test. While wearing the pair, you want to make sure they are comfortable, not tight, nor moving around in your eye at all.

Why You Should Buy Contacts Online

There is a vast array of contact lenses online from reputable providers with many discount options allowing significant savings compared to what an optometrist charge. It boasts offering the most substantial savings with various promotions, rebates, coupons for those attempting to buy with a budget-friendly approach yet work with a trusted retailer.

That is the priority, making sure that you find a reliable, trustworthy supplier. The best way to do that is to receive recommendations from a knowledgeable resource like your eye doctor or an intimate person with whom you are close.

When you find a dependable provider, you can rest assured that the products you receive will be of high quality and the brand will follow only the best standards. It is possible to find these types of retailers for an affordable price point. It just takes careful research, time, and extra effort.

That might mean getting a lot of free trials until you find the gem. In many cases, the optometrist will let you use free trials from their office until you find the ones right for your specific needs.

But this is often on a “reasonable-length-of-time” basis, after which the doctor expects you to buy from them. Unfortunately, a pair from the office will cost significantly more than any other alternative.

Final Thought

Buying contacts can prove to be quite an expensive undertaking. You can spend as much as $500 each year. In some cases, it can be more depending on the brand, the type, and your prescription.

Many people struggle to afford the prices, including the necessary appointment with the optometrist. The visit is mandatory in some countries like the United States because the FDA considers contacts to be medical devices.

These need fitting and a prescription written before a retailer can sell the products to any individual or before a person can attempt to buy a product in-person or online.

With the prescription in-hand, you can go to any provider and purchase your pair, with many people opting to buy from the broad range of brands available online. There are, of course, scammers in every industry. It’s up to you to research to separate those of a high standard from those with none.

When you obtain your prescription, the doctor is the ideal resource for brand recommendations, as are close friends and family who might wear contacts. Do not forget there are always testimonials/reviews on a company’s website to consider and ratings given on websites and social media pages.

It is relatively easy to find a trusted, reputable online retailer from whom you can purchase quality contact lenses for a reasonable price. Make sure you start with a trial pair to get an idea of the comfort and fit and do that as many times as you need to until you find your “diamond in the ruff.”




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