Popular Nootropics Complimenting A Healthy Lifestyle

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Nootropics go by various names, but most familiar to people is “smart drugs.” The term, nootropic, is Greek with “noos” root word, meaning mind, and “tropein” translating as toward. The purpose of the substances is to enhance mental function, including memory, focus, attention, and mood.  See an overview of the compounds here.

These are relatively new to the world’s spotlight, though the compounds themselves are not. Since the drugs’ infancy, the target audience more familiar with the substances were the college crowd and entrepreneurs.

Those individuals find benefits in their work habits with a greater sense of efficiency, cognitive enhancement, an innate ability to concentrate, and problem solve, not to mention increased productivity.

With some prescription options like modafinil (check it out at ModafinilNow.net), people enduring sleep disorders find relief from their symptoms. Drugs like this one in particular treat cases of narcolepsy, hypersomnia, and aid employees doing shift work.

Each nootropic offers a unique result, with some helping to improve sleep patterns, others working on cognitive function, focus, and even helping to reduce instances of anxiety and stress.

Popular Nootropics

Nootropic popularity is soaring, with brands popping up more all the time to peddle various brain-stimulating wares. Each offers unique characteristics to satisfy whatever a particular individual might be looking for.

You might want to de-stress or increase your motivation, or you might be someone suffering from an unpleasant sleep disorder. In any case, there are likely some forms of nootropics that will benefit you in some capacity.

The compounds fall under two basic categories, including those that are natural and synthetic options. The recommendation is to obtain a prescription and follow with a physician for synthetic choices such as modafinil.

Synthetic Nootropics

  • Modafinil: Modafinil boasts as an energy drug meant to help with sleep disorders, particularly narcolepsy. The substance works to relieve symptoms associated with sleep deprivation allowing individuals to maintain mental clarity and energy. It touts a better option than Ritalin or Adderall, both of which can become habit-forming
  • Piracetam: The nootropic was the first and the most popular. Among many applications, the drug can potentially improve overall cognition and enhance memory with only mild side effects that note to occur rarely. These can include insomnia, agitation, drowsiness, or anxiety.

Traditional Chinese medicine has put to use natural herbal compounds for centuries with a subset known as adaptogens, including ginseng and ashwagandha. These decrease stress from the body. The best herbal resources help with cognition, enhance memory, reduce stressors, and protect the brain.

Natural Nootropics

  • Caffeine: This is not necessarily in the natural or herbal class. It is, though, familiar to the majority.

Caffeine is a classic compound most people around the world indulge, as a way to eliminate fatigue, bring a sense of alertness, increase energy, improve cognition, and enhance productivity.

The substance has the potential for adverse reactions if consumed in excessive quantities as far as agitation, jitters, and the potential “crash” from following potential mania.

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Traditionally, this medicinal mushroom benefited people by preventing the decline of cognition instead of improving its function and decreasing anxiety.
  • Ashwagandha: From the nightshade species, the adaptogen decreases anxiety and stress while improving memory.
  • Ginseng (Panax Ginseng): The root is known for reducing fatigue, improving immune function, enhancing mood, and helping cognition.

Some options fall in between a natural and a synthetic variety. They come with a host of advantages, including treating depression and insomnia as well as bringing cognitive enhancements.

  • L-Tyrosine: Synthesized from phenol, an organic acid, this non-essential amino acid is a precursor for adrenaline and dopamine hormones. It helps to battle fatigue, decreases symptoms associated with stress, and boasts of enhancing cognition at times of stress.
  • L-Theanine: Green/black tea leaves consist of this amino acid capable of decreasing stress and anxiety while improving concentration. It’s especially beneficial in combination with caffeine.
  • GABA: Microorganisms created from biosynthesis and fermentation develop into this “sedative neurotransmitter,” which is also naturally produced within the body. The compound promotes deep sleep rapidly.

As with any drug, supplement, or herb that you take, they can only work if you attempt to solve the root of the problem for which you’re taking the substance. No one wants to rely solely on even an herbal remedy for functionality if you can engage in good lifestyle choices that might be of greater benefit.

A nootropic should merely act as a compliment for your capacity to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. View this link to find out if a pill can make you smarter.

In cases where you have a sleep disorder like narcolepsy, a drug such as modafinil is a solution where few others are known. It’s essential if you have a condition to see your doctor for a prescription, so the professional can follow you while you’re taking the substance.

Modafinil boasts of being a safe alternative to other options on the market, but you should always consult a medical provider when beginning a new regimen.

Final Thought

A wide variety of nootropics are available on the market, both naturally derived and synthetic. It’s wise to do your research on each and speak with a medical provider before choosing among them.

Some need a prescription, including modafinil, a good option for those enduring sleep disorders like narcolepsy or who perform shift work. With others, you might not need a prescription, but guidance from a doctor is always a good idea when you’re adding any substance to your system. Safety should always be a priority.




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