Secrets Your Dentist Will Never Tell You

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Many people think that dentists are the gateway to all the information we need to know how to keep our teeth healthy. In reality, we get general recommendations which do not give us the complete picture of our oral health. We all know about the importance to brush and floss our teeth two times a day, but there are much more to discover. In this article, you will find several life-changing secrets your dentist will never tell you that may help you avoid ever having to see an dentist

Air Water Syringe

All dentists use the air-water syringe. This device is used on every dental patient during all procedures. It has a couple of essential functions, which are watering and drying. Usually, we think that this tool is harmless. In reality, the design flaw has not been addressed for more than 40 years. All dentists love the simplicity of this tool, and they underestimate the cross-contamination risks. You can find more information here: The dirty truth is that this simple tool is never sterilized. Once an air-water syringe has been attached to the system, you can’t remove it. You should be aware of such a sad truth.

Root Canals Cause Much Chronic Illness

Such dental procedures as root canals or tooth extractions can easily cause internal infections. The risk is that many patients do not show any symptoms of the infection in their mouth. We tend to blame the immune system. In fact, your dental visit can lead to chronic health issues.

Chewing Gum Are Not That Bad

Nowadays, you can buy a sugar-free chewing gum, which contains a particular sweetener Xylitol. It is suitable for your teeth and gums. Xylitol is efficient in fighting harmful bacteria and keeping your teeth clean. The same component is used in many sweeten toothpaste.

Bleeding Gums is the Sign of Diabetes

Every day, dentists deal with clients who suffer from bleeding gums. As a rule, a dentist just brushes it off and recommends a patient to floss the teeth on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not many dentists inform their clients that bleeding gums is a very serious matter. If you floss your teeth regularly and still have gums bleeding, it can be a symptom of diabetes. 

Avoid Mercury Fillings

Many dentists use mercury amalgam for filling clients’ teeth. It is a widely used tooth filling, but it is not entirely safe. You should know that mercury amalgam is one of the most toxic substances which you can find on Earth. When possible, ask your dentist to use any alternative filling material, which is available on the market.

Teeth Bleaching Strips Enamel

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular dental cosmetic procedures. People like it because it makes patients more confident. Besides, it is the procedure which boosts the financial side of the dental practice. Unfortunately, a lot of dentists tend to downplay or forget mentioning about the possible harm a whitening procedure can do to your teeth enamel.

Root Canal Alternatives

When your dentist claims that you have to do a root canal, it is usually taken as the final course of action. However, you should not forget about all the health risks you may face due to root canals. There are a lot of alternatives and extracting the dead teeth is a much safer solution. You should accept having a root canal only in case there is a risk of letting an infection spread and cause heart problems.

Your Wisdom Teeth Can Be Kept

Many dentists recommend to pull wisdom teeth early in life. Doctors tend to pull healthy wisdom teeth because they will become problematic in the future. It is better to wait until your wisdom tooth becomes a real problem. Who knows, maybe your wisdom tooth will stay with you during the entire life without giving you any problems or pain.


As you can see, your dentist is not a magician. You can ask for help, but you should increase your level of awareness. Be curious about your own body, health, and medical system in your country. Trust but always check for alternatives. The health of your teeth is in your hands. Take full responsibility for it.




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