Should I take nootropic supplements?

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To begin with a short introduction – nootropic supplements are so called “smart drugs” that improve your brain performance. The long-time users say that once you start using that “smart pills” your daily behavior changes. There are a variety of nootropics that have different positive effects on focus, motivation, memory, learning, sleep or even anxiety. By setting your issues or goals that you want to reach you may find the best nootropics for your daily usage.

Nootropics, these health supplements claim to offer a variety of brain-boosting benefits, including improving memory, focus, energy, and the ability to learn, as well as fueling creativity, sharpening attention span, and boosting the brain’s executive functions.

The questions are whether or not they actually work; whether or not they’re safe; and how to find that intersection of efficacy and safety. That’s the focus of this book.

There is a lot of information available online, in published research, and through speaking with experts; some of it is helpful, some of it isn’t. As we thought about how to highlight the best research, compounds, and approaches to cognitive-enhancing supplements, herbs, fungi, roots, and the like, we realized there was a gap in the information. We could find research that showed short-term benefits with X or safety with Y, but we couldn’t find a good resource for the safe, effective, comprehensive, and sustainable approach to these compounds.


Although nootropics are not for making you smarter, it may help with mentally demanding tasks. There are a few of them that have a significant effect on improving your learning capability.

For example – L-theanine + Caffeine. This combination is mostly liked because of quickly built attention. It may help to support your mental clarity. Users also share that L-theanine and caffeine reduce tiredness.


There are some proof that nootropics have an effect on improving your memory. Nootropics such as Noopept increases the ability to learn more quickly and to memorize an amount of information. The uniqueness of Noopept is that it appears very fast – the effect may be noticed within 15-20 minutes after taking. 


If you are searching for an effective source of relaxation or improvement of sleep, you can try taking nootropics, for instance, Melatonin. The researches show that this nootropic maintains the quality of sleep and helps to cope with sleeping problems or disorders. Melatonin is the most popular choice among people, who want to regulate their sleeping cycle.


Some nootropics can help to cope with anxiety and Phenibut is one of them. It generates relaxation that reduces stress or your anxious mood. Phenibut can even be helpful on treatment of serious anxiety disorders.

Despite nootropics that were mentioned in this article, there are a lot more of them with different effects on your cognitive performance. We have provided you only the popular ones, but the world of nootropics is much bigger than you think. You may find more by visiting Raw Powders online shop.




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