Temperature Detection Solution for Businesses In COVID-19

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We cannot deny that the coronavirus pandemic is still negatively influencing the lives of many people globally. It has been the most destructive pandemic in history, killing millions of people in a span of a few months. Scientists are still figuring out how to combat it properly, while medical personnel sacrificed their lives for this cause. Unfortunately, it is still out of our control as you can read on this page, and the vaccine still has a long way to go. However, we cannot just stay in our homes all day as we need to go out for some essentials and other important things for our home needs.

Going out nowadays is restricted and as much as possible, we run to grocery stores, hardware, drugstores, and other places only when needed. For these business establishments, they need to make sure the safety of their customers and their employees. They must be equipped in implementing the law enforced protocols to avoid the spread of the corona virus. One of the most important equipment are temperature detectors.

As businesses, it is crucial to keep ourselves open to options these days. For one, opening hours are limited, and the stores can only hold up to a capacity. This is due to the restrictions put in place to ensure that everyone has some distance from each other. It minimizes the possibility of the virus coming into contact with the uninfected, which is suitable for everyone. However, it has some adverse effects on many businesses that rely on people coming to their doors.

Controlling Personal Borders

One of the restrictions’ major propositions is to limit the area that can be occupied in an enclosed space. Adding other paraphernalia like masks and face shields creates a safer environment, which assures that the virus can be put under control. Unfortunately, these items can only do so much, and there are some disadvantages when using it regularly. Meanwhile, there is another way that you can do this, and that is through temperature detection. 

It is already common knowledge that fever is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19. However, it is tricky to track since this is also a common symptom of other illnesses like the common flu. It can also be a sign of mild to severe infection, depending on the person and their condition. However, it is safer to turn away anyone who has a higher temperature than usual since we don’t have other identifiers. Once this has been discovered, then we can separate common fever from the COVID-induced one.

Once upon a time, we used the classic thermometer to do this. It has mercury inside and made of glass, making it easier to read the numbers on the surface. This is still being used today, but as the website https://athena-security.com/temperature-detection says, there are so many other products that can do temperature reading faster and more efficiently. Some of them are handheld, while others can be propped up on a stand. You may choose which one would work best for your situation.

If you are looking to use this during the present time, you might find the mercury options too old. Also, it defeats the purpose of less contact with other people since you would be sharing one piece of equipment. Digital thermometers are great, but they still function like the ones made with mercury or glass. There are two popular options that you can choose, especially if you want to put it right before the entrance of your building.

Electronic Ear Thermometers

You may have already encountered this type of thermometer in hospitals and clinics. It uses an infrared vision to measure the temperature in your ear. It is fast, easy to use, and the accuracy rate is also high. Thus, it is becoming a popular choice not just for health institutions but also for other places.

However, this temperature reader does have some drawbacks. One of its most glaring weaknesses is manipulating the device. You need to maneuver the person sideways since it needs to have a vision of the ear. Also, the results may become inaccurate if there is a lot of earwax on their ear canal. This blockage impedes the infrared image, causing delayed or incorrect results.

Forehead Thermometers

This device might not be the most accurate, but it is the easiest to use when considering the distance. For one, the person needs to face the machine, and the operator can easily click to read their temperature. It is supposed to be targeted to the temporal artery, which conveys the temperature of our body. Forehead thermometers are great for a fast yet practical way of measuring someone’s temp.

However, aside from accuracy, forehead thermometers are usually more expensive than the other options. If you are choosing the ones with a stand and camera, then it becomes even more pricey, and there is an issue on data privacy for that option. On the other hand, this type of rapid testing makes it so much better to use for crowds or large groups of people. 

Whether you are going to use the forehead or eardrum, always remember the social distancing rules must be observed. The people who will use the device should also have protective covering layers like masks, gloves, and face shields. They are the ones who are going to face more people, so they should have this equipment as soon as they face the public. It protects them from the virus and creates a better environment for everyone around them. 

Meanwhile, these temperature readers are just temporary solutions. We still cannot distinguish COVID-positive cases from the uninfected parts of the population. It is crucial to track these cases so that the virus can be controlled more manageable, even if we still do not have the complete details. As businesses and services providers, this is the most challenging part of the year, even with the pandemic. However, we can always improve what we can offer to the public while still upholding COVID-19 control rules.




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