The Damaging Effects of Pests on your Health

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Once your home is pest-infested, keeping their number under control or getting rid of them permanently might take ages. With pests like roaches, a single egg casing can regrow the population of the pest. Others might keep getting into your house whenever you have food waste. You might be terrified at the thought of what might happen if you abandon pest control altogether. Here are some of the damaging effects of pests:

1. They Carry Diseases

Pests and rodents might make you ill, and this is one of the biggest concerns about them. Most of them carry infections directly or indirectly. Some good examples are cockroaches and flies, which are hugely unhygienic, especially when they touch your food. They might leave bacteria such as salmonella or E. coli, which are linked with gastrointestinal infections or food poisoning. Rats and rodents, on the other hand, carry an array of infections, including rabies, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, murine typhus, and the plague.

2. Can Affect Your Nutrition

From meat to veggies, most pests are highly destructive to the food we eat. Rodents such as rats can be a huge menace when they access your food storage spaces. Other than destruction, there is a good chance they will leave your food contaminated with toxins and germs. Consuming your food in the form of leftovers from these pests is not a good idea. Once you notice that rodents and other pests might have eaten a portion of your food, make sure to dispose of it right away.

3. A Huge Nuisance

Pests can invade homes and business places, thereby becoming a huge nuisance. For instance, the sight of a bunch of cockroaches on top of your kitchen cabinet can drive away your appetite. You might also feel sick to the extent of vomiting your empty stomach off. Having rats and roaches in your bedroom might make it hard to fall asleep due to the weird sounds they produce at night. Pests will invade your space and make you feel uncomfortable at home.

4. Might Cause Allergy

Many pests and rodents might be a huge source of allergies. They could also cause poor indoor air quality in modern settings and households. If you have some in your home, you will learn that rodents like rats shed fur, which might be a great source of allergies. The same might be caused by their faecal matter and droppings. In some cases, pests can carry and transfer dust into your home. Therefore, the availability of pests at home will put your loved ones at a higher risk of getting allergic reactions.

5. Might Cause Injuries

From termites to fleas, bedbugs and fleas might bite, hence causing injuries. Wasps and hornets are known to bite at the slightest provocation, which makes them dangerous to have at home. Some spiders are known to carry venoms whose antidotes are almost hard to find. If they deliver a sting that is not so fatal, they might leave you paralyzed, which is still not good. This is why you need to ensure that your home is pest-free all the time.


Though mice play a central role in modern laboratories where they are used to research human drugs, they are dangerous to have at home. Once you suspect that your home might be pest-infested, you might consider contacting Excel Pest Services to help with the situation. Besides being a big health hazard, they are also a significant source of a societal problem that needs to be addressed on a serious note. You can deal with them on your own by following the procedures given above. Alternatively, talk to the nearest experts.




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