What’s the Proper Height for Standing Desk?

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Determining the proper height for standing desk is crucial if you’re using one. With this, you will be able to maintain the correct body posture which is actually your main goal for using a standing desk. Once you’ve found the proper height go around to 7 Best Standing Desk Converters Reviews 2019 | Sitting, Standing, and Electronic Included to find the one for you.

How Tall Should Be Your Standing Desk?

The height of your standing desk must be generally at your elbow height. Meaning, while your elbows are at a 90-degree angle from the ground, you must measure the gap between the distance from the ground to the base of your elbow.

Your standing desk should be within this height. For example, the standard height of a standing desk for people whose height is 5 feet and 11 inches will be 44 inches. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is just a guide. You must consider the proportions of your body before settling on the height of your standing desk.

Of course, you can have a flexible standing desk if you want to. One easy way to get the right height for your standing desk is to use a standing desk converter.

Why Should You Adjust the Height of Your Standing Desk?

The height of your shoes can affect your standing desk’s comfortable height. For instance, a woman who wears heeled shoes one day and flat shoes the next day should have her desk in 2 various positions. Once you experience this change in the height, an electric standing desk that features a controller that have height memory keys is a good option.

If you’re spending hours in looking at the upper left part of your computer’s screen, your eye height should be at the upper portion of the monitor. One simple way to attain it is to put your monitor’s stand on the partial pile of the printer paper. If you want something flexible, look for the monitor arms on the web.

Steps to Find the Right Height of Your Standing Desk

  1. Stand up straight. You must stand up straight to find the right height of your standing desk. Your chest should be up with your shoulders pulled back down. It should feel like you’re gently putting the blades of your shoulders in your back pockets.
  2. Put your arms in their right position – allow your arms to rest on your sides. Then, bend your elbows. This way, your forearms will be parallel with the ground.
  3. Measure – write down the height or the distance between the bottom end of your elbows and the ground. This measurement is the ideal height of your standing desk.

Be sure you get the measurement while you’re using the same footwear and flooring when you’re using the desk. If you are using the standing desk mat, take your standing desk’s compressed height into account, too. When you change your shoes, you will need to adjust the height of your standing desk once again for your comfort. Just be sure your standing desk rests at the elbow height when you’re fully upright.

Also, make sure you have consistent brakes when you use a standing desk. You should look for a standing desk which can adjust fast from standing to sitting and vice versa. This way, it will be easier to maintain the right posture as you work for the rest of the day.

Use a Chair When Necessary

You must sit down when you get tired of standing up. In this matter, you need a chair that can work with your standing desk. A chair and drafting tool is available in different forms. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right chair for your needs:

  • Make sure the chair you choose is adjustable. Make sure it’s tall enough. This way, your elbows rest comfortably while your arms expand out horizontally to your keyboard’s keys.
  • Your seat must be able to tilt forward and backward which allows maximum versatility.
  • Choose a chair with lumbar support. This feature will help you maintain the right body posture.
  • Your chair must have a backrest that you can easily adjust for superior comfort.

Choose the Right Standing Desk and Chair for Your Needs

Finding the right height of your standing desk is not enough. Still, you should make sure you’re using the right standing desk and chair for yourself. This is not easy, considering the market is full of different chairs and standing desks from different brands.

When buying a standing desk, carefully check the brands available. Read reviews and look for the most recommended standing desk in the market. You can also ask for recommendations from a trusted specialist.

A standing desk must help you maintain the right body posture which is key to preventing bad posture, backaches, and other back injuries. So, choose the best standing desk for you and use it properly. That’s how you can truly make the most of it.




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