When Should You Start Thinking of Enrolling in Health Insurance

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Health insurance is incredibly important for keeping yourself and your family healthy. While many countries feature universal healthcare, that is not the case in the USA. Everyone must take care of their own health insurance. There are several options for getting health insurance in the USA, but it is up to individuals to decide what works best for them.

Having health insurance can drastically lower your medical bills, which can often be incredibly high for some procedures, drugs or exams. This greatly lowers your risk of your finances being destroyed thanks to an unfortunate medical expense. They also provide people with peace of mind and helps families feel safe.

However, despite the many different benefits, not everyone is always insured and there are millions of uninsured Americans out there. Whether you are uninsured completely or currently have a gap between coverage, you are at risk. So if you don’t have health insurance, or not covered, when should you start thinking about enrolling? Should you wait until you’re much older? Or how about until something goes wrong?

With that in mind, this article is going to help you figure out when you should start thinking of enrolling in health insurance.

When is the Right Time to Think About Enrolling in Health Insurance?

Generally, it is a good idea to start thinking of enrolling in health insurance as quickly as possible. Going without coverage is risky and you never know when an accident might occur that could leave you with some very expensive medical bills.

While you might be young and think that health insurance is a waste of your money, that is a dangerous way to think. Many healthy and young people have saved thousands and thousands of dollars by having health insurance. Cheaper doctor visits, affordable prescription drugs and many other benefits are valuable to everyone, old or young.

So the answer to the title question of this blog post is immediately, as you want to make sure you are insured to prevent a potential catastrophe. However, in order to actually enroll, you need to wait until the open enrollment period begins. Open enrollment is when individuals can get health insurance, make changes to health insurance or purchase different health insurance.

A common question that is asked about open enrollment is “when is open enrollment”? This is obviously important to know so people can plan and research in advance. And the answer to that question varies from year to year and depends on a number of factors as well. 

For 2020, the open enrollment period for those who get individual insurance from companies or use the Affordable Care Act is between November 1st 2019 and December 15th 2019. If a person is a Medicare recipient, their open enrollment period is between October 15th 2019 and December 7th 2019.

However, some states extend their open enrollment period to include more time for individuals. This includes states like California, New York and Colorado, just to name a few.

Also, if you get your health insurance through your work, the enrollment period can vary. Companies make the decision when open enrollment will take place. Be sure to ask your company or insurance provider if you are unsure when open enrollment is for your unique situation. 

There is no better time than right now to start researching your options and choosing the right health insurance for your needs. Consider yourself, your family, as well as what sorts of things you may need to prepare for in the coming year. The better your research and planning is, the better the health insurance that you end up with will likely be.

The quicker you consider your needs and seek out the various options you have, the sooner you can enroll. Doing this quickly and not leaving it to the last minute will ensure you don’t risk missing the open enrollment period altogether.

In conclusion, we hope that this blog post has been able to help you know when you should start thinking about enrolling in health insurance. More often than not, the answer is as soon as possible to stay as safe as possible.




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