Why Outdoor Kitchens are Trending

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The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where you show your love for your family and friends through cooking. This function gave birth to new trends as more homeowners want to take their kitchen skills to a higher level. As such, more and more people are building their kitchens outside their homes for practical reasons.

In the United States alone, the demand for this home feature is expected to increase by 6.2% every year, which will accumulate about $735 million in sales revenue.

The average cost of this home feature is about $30,000. While this is quite expensive, statistics revealed that the return of investment, in the long run, could reach to about 200%. Thus, homeowners are seeking help from outdoor kitchen builders to create their kitchen in the yard or their patio. 

Advantageous Functions

Whether you are scouting for a new home, or just maximizing your home space, here are some of its functions that you must consider.

  • It is a great entertainment space because it gives off a distinct and sophisticated vibe. Moreover, it is more practical because it can accommodate more guests. As such, you no longer need to rent a restaurant or a venue to celebrate birthdays, Thanksgiving, and even weddings.
  • It expands the living space as you can integrate your home’s interior design to the outside living space. You can also bring appliances like the TV, couch, mattress outside in times when you want to enjoy the excellent weather while bonding with your family. The right designing from your trusted outdoor kitchen builders can give you an all-in-one living, kitchen, and dining room.
  • It increases the financial value of your home as more people now prefer to buy homes with the indoor-outdoor living vibe for all climate seasons. Contractors and real estate companies discovered that this home feature increases your home’s market value.
  • It reduces the cost of utility bills because cooking outdoors significantly saves energy and electric consumption from stoves and ovens. The equipment set usually comprises of grilling pans that only need coals.

Why Hire a Builder?

While it has already established that a kitchen outside your home is practical, it is also essential to remember that it requires skills and knowledge to build it. As such, you will need the help of a specialist for the following reasons.

  • A builder will know how to practice safety measures in installing equipment and their relations to ventilation, and gas systems.
  • Seeking assistance from an expert will help you with time management as some of the appliances take longer to build.
  • He/she will know what kind of materials are durable and weather resistant.
  • While the design will depend on you, the builder will know which feature to include that will align your budget and preferred functions.
  • He/she knows the latest design trends that can become integrated while considering the functions and return of investment.
  • He/she has enough knowledge to draft contingency plans and other customized solutions when technical issues arise.

Aside from its aesthetic purposes, it has numerous practical reasons, as well. It increases the market value of your property and allows you to entertain more guests on special occasions. As such, you will need a specialist to maximize the functions and benefits of an outdoor kitchen.




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