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Your Trusted Friend and Someone who loves God.

Should you be down and out, suffering loneliness or depression, or simply need a friend to talk to, then reach out to ‘Your Friend Rose’ now on her Instagram page @YourFriendRosaLee or view her on her YouTube Channel YourFriendRose. Being in the health and wellness industry for 10 years now, YourFriendRose is definitely qualified to be your health, beauty and life coach. Officially, her services are available spring of 2020, which is a new beginning for most of us. It is the dawn of a new year and 2019 bids us farewell during the countdown party recently.

As YourFriendRose prepares for the launch of her wholesome services including, she wants people to know that they can come to her for any advice on personal problems or on anything relating to health, wellness and beauty. These are all free of charge, through her social media accounts, as her website is still under construction.

Moving on, a little history about YourFriendRose – you see she had transformed – from a smoker and drinker to someone who does not hide her pain, and turned into an optimistic person who exercises while listening to music and puts on her jogging shoes. Finding God is her solace and answer to her transformation. Having been in the pits of depression, she had overcome it all and is very well qualified to provide solutions to your daily grind of problems, sadness, alcoholism, loneliness and other social ills that befall humankind.

Since the first human, Adam, sinned by eating the forbidden apple from the wrong tree, this earth is cursed with illnesses, sickness, death, aging, pestilences, wars, natural disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and more. Jesus, the second Adam, came to save the world by taking our sins upon Himself, scorched on the cross in exchange for our health, success, happiness, prosperity and an eternal life in heaven. The resurrection power of Jesus after dying on the cross defeated the power of Satan, the cause of all these mess on earth.

YourFriendRose is about knowing God, and finding your purpose in life. You will turn into a new leaf and be transformed into a ‘new’ person with optimism in life, and start your new journey with beauty, exercise and a whole lot more!

Now YourFriendRose listens to upbeat Christian music while exercising to release serotonin, dopamine and noradrenalin, the feel good hormones, which beats drugs, alcohol, etc. YourFriendRose is now very determined to help people from all walks of life, be they students struggling in their studies, or executive enduring work stress from superiors, dysfunctional families, relationship breakdowns, etc.

Being a firm believer of “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me, as quoted in the Scriptures of Philippians 4:13,” YourFriendRose is now inspiring people to follow in her footsteps to get out from the drudgery of life and turn their lives around. Check out her social media like Instagram @YourFriendRosaLee and Youtube channel in

YourFriendRose is also very well qualified by the school of hard knocks to coach and teach people as a health, beauty and life trainer. You can consult YourFriendRose on your diet, how to lose weight the safe way – by exercising and dieting – to achieve a long-lasting success with a healthy body mass index. There they can see YourFriendRose’s transformation, as well as, tips and tricks on different topics relating to health, beauty, and wellness with a dose of humor. Your journey starts from here to live a happy and fulfilling life from YourFriendRose, a Brooklyn girl.




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