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  • Craspedium


    A fruit that breaks up (either with the valves separating as a single unit or breaking into separate articles) to leave the suture as a persistent rim or replum.  

  • Cover crop

    Cover crop

    Plants grown to combat soil erosion.  

  • Couplet


    (In an identification key) term for two opposing possible choices.  

  • Counter-clockwise


    (Of growing or overlapping) when seen from above, in a direction opposite to that of the hands of a clock.  

  • Coumarin


    An organic chemical (a benzopyrone) that smells of freshly cut grass. A chroman derivative, occurring in many flavoring agents, such as cassie, woodruff, lavender, and lovage. These flavoring agents are extensively used in sweets, liqueurs, and certain wines. Coumarin is a minor constituent of certain edible fruits, for example, strawberries, cherries, apricots, and a major…

  • Cotyliform


    Of a lobed structure: cup-shaped with a short broad tubular base and an erect limb [unusual term].  

  • Costule

    Midrib of a fern pinnule.  

  • Costapalmate


    A basically palmate leaf in which the petiole extends into the lamina as a well-defined ‘axis’, the costa, which effectively divides the lamina in two (specialist term in Palmae, 1986). A palmate leaf in which the petiole extends into the lamina forming a midrib (only used in Arecaceae).  

  • Costal


    (Of veins) those that run between the primary veins; ‘major secondaries’. In anatomy, pertaining to the ribs.  

  • Costa

    A rib, often of a leaf, pinna or leaflet, sometimes used for midrib; (In ferns) the major axis of a pinna. A rib, often of a leaf or leaflet, sometimes used for the midrib. Costae, one of the 12 pairs of ribs forming the general shape of the chest (thorax).