Category: C

  • Cone scale

    Scale of the fruit of a gymnosperm, of which the form is often useful in identification.  

  • Cone


    (Shape) a symmetrical 3-dimensional shape with the base a circle, the sides straight and narrowing to a point at the apex; The fruit of a gymnosperm with the scales overlapping (properly a strobilus), and hence any inflorescence or fruit with overlapping scales. One of the special retinal receptor elements which are presumed to be primarily…

  • Conduplicate

    Folded together lengthwise with the upper surfaces closely parallel and facing each other (e.g. unfolding leaves). Folded upon itself on its longest diameter, like a double sheet of note paper.  

  • Condensed

    Dense (of inflorescence). Made compact or more dense.  

  • Concrescent

    Growing together.  

  • Concolorous

    (Of different sides of a leaf ) of one and the same colour.  

  • Conchiform

    Shaped like the shell of a bivalve mollusc such as a mussel [unusual term].  

  • Conceptacle

    In ferns, the fruit case of a sporocarp [unusual term]. A hollow structure containing sex organs.  

  • Concensus tree

    In cladistics, the hierarchical summary of topological information from several or many cladograms.  

  • Concave

    Hollow, as the inside of a bowl. Curving towards the inside. Having a spherically depressed or hollow surface.