Category: C

  • Cosmopolitan


    (Of distribution) occurring all over the World.  

  • Corymbose

    A flat-topped or convex racemose inflorescence with flower stalks of unequal length arising from different points on the main stem, the flowers on the outer (lower) stalks opening first; hence corymbose, in a corymb.  

  • Corymbophore

    (In Compositae/Asteraceae) the leafless stalk of a inflorescence [obscure term].  

  • Corymbiform


    Shaped like a corymb.  

  • Corymb


    A more or less flattopped, racemose (indeterminate) inflorescence in which the branches or the pedicels start from different points but all reach to about the same level. A flat-topped or convex flower cluster, in which outer stems are long and those toward the center are shorter. A flat-topped or convex flower cluster having flower stalks…

  • Corticate

    With a cortex or bark.  

  • Cortical

    Of the bark. When discussing the brain, the term “cortex” specifically pertains to the outer layer, distinct from the inner regions of the organ.  

  • Cortex

    Bark or outer layer [antiquated term]; (Anatomical) region of tissue between the epidermis or bark and the vascular cylinder. The outer layer of an organ or other body structure, as distinguished from the internal substance. The outer cells of the human embryo’s indifferent gonad. These cells may develop into female ovaries. The outer layer of…

  • Corrugated

    Wrinkled regularly and longitudinally.  

  • Correct

    (In nomenclature) name or epithet that, when applying the I.C.B.N., is the proper one for a taxon.