Category: C

  • Circumscription


    The description setting apart one taxon from another, enumerating all the differences.  

  • Circumscissile


    Opening by a slit running around the circumference or equator, and with the upper part coming off like a lid. Dividing by an equatorial line.  

  • Circumflexed

    Bent round.  

  • Circumferential

    Around the edge of a circle.  

  • Circular


    Round (in two dimensions).  

  • Circinnotropous

    Condition of ovules or seeds where the funicles are long and curled, and where the curvature of the ovule or seed against the funicle is pronounced; in such ovules, the funicle encircles the ovule more or less completely (e.g. in Cactaceae, Plumbaginaceae) (Stuppy, pers. comm.)  

  • Circinnate


    Coiled inwards upon itself (as the young leaves of ferns, hooks of some climbers, leaves of Drosera).  

  • Circinate


    Coiled inwards upon itself (preferred spelling is circinnate). Rolled inwards from the top.  

  • Cinnamon


    (Colour) yellowish-brown. A spice made from the bark of the cinnamon tree. It has a penetrating aroma and pleasant astringent flavor. Cinnamon is referred to in the Old Testament and in even older Sanskrit texts, thus affirming that it was one of the first spices to be used in flavouring food and wine. The word…

  • Cinnabar


    (Colour) vermilion, blood-red.