Category: C

  • Chasmogamous

    Pollinated when flowers are open.  

  • Chartaceous


    Thin and stiff, like paper. Papery, or parchment-like in character.  

  • Character weighting

    A tariff applied to determine which characters are most important in establishing putative relationships.  

  • Character state

    Any of the alternative forms or values a given character can have (e.g. present or absent; alternate, opposite or whorled).  

  • Character

    Single technical difference, used to distinguish taxa; a feature of a plant The sum of a person’s relatively fixed personality traits and habitual modes of response. Character develops over time, is related to infantile solutions to particular conflicts, and is slow to change, even with psychoanalytic interventions. A feature of a plant that is used…

  • Channelled

    With a groove running along its length.  

  • Chambered

    Of pith, mostly hollow but with regular transverse walls.  

  • Chamaephyte

    In Raunkiaer’s system, a plant whose growing point survives adverse seasons as a resting bud at or near ground level. A plant for which the growing point survives adverse seasons with a resting bud at or near the ground.  

  • Chalazal end

    The base of the nucellus, opposite the apex of the cotyledon(s).  

  • Chalaza

    Part of an ovule where the body joins the envelope. Membranous layer holding egg yolk to thick or thin albumen.