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  • Capitulum (plural capitula)

    A compact cluster of ± sessile flowers; the capitulum may be surrounded by specialised bracts, the involucre. A short head. A compact cluster of more or less sessile flowers. A dense head of tiny flowers without individual stalks (as in the Daisy and Teasel families), surrounded by an involucre of bracts. The rounded end of…

  • Capitulescence

    An aggregation of capitula as found in the Compositae/Asteraceae, usually simply referred to as an inflorescence.  

  • Capitiform

    Head-like, like the head of a pin (e.g. for a stigma); Collected into heads of flowers (as in Compositae/Asteraceae) [unusual term].  

  • Capitellate

    Diminutive of capitate.  

  • Capitate

    Head-like; like the head of a pin (e.g. for a stigma); Collected into heads of flowers (as in Compositae/Asteraceae or Leguminosae). Having a globular apex, like a pin’s head, or forming a head. The largest of the eight small carpal bones in the wrist. Bone of the hand; used to describe rounded shape of structures.…

  • Capilliform

    Very slender, hair-like.  

  • Capillary

    Very slender, hair-like in shape. Any one of the minute vessels that connect the arterioles and venules, forming a network in nearly all parts of the body. Their walls act as semipermeable membranes for the interchange of various substances, including fluids, between the blood and tissue fluid; called also vas capillare. Small, thin-walled blood vessels connecting…

  • Cap


    Convex removable covering of a part. The upside-down cuplike part of a fruit body whose undersurface bears the basidia in a hymenium on gills, teeth, tubes, veins, or smooth surfaces. A covering which protects something. An artificial hard covering for a damaged or broken tooth. The structure at the 5′ end of eukaryotic mRNA, introduced…

  • Canopy


    Uppermost layer of vegetation usually of woodland or forest.  

  • Canoe-shaped

    Shaped like a canoe, i.e. shortly canaliculate, but with the ends swept up and not grooved (e.g. of pyrenes in some Rubiaceae).