Category: C

  • Chaffy


    Like small papery scales. Having chaff, or a chaff-like texture.  

  • Cernuous


    (Of flowers) nodding, drooping. Nodding at the summit.  

  • Cerise

    (Colour) light, bright red.  

  • Cereals

    Grasses of which the seeds are used as human food. Class of starch-rich staple foods which include rice and wheat. Coarse cereals like JOWAR, BAJRA, maize and R.4GI are sometimes called millets. Any grass-like plant bearing an edible seed. The important cereals are wheat, oats, barley, maize, rice and millet. Along with these are usually…

  • Ceraceous

    Waxy, either in appearance or in colour (very pale whitish cream).  

  • Cephalous

    Headed; as in monocephalous, oneheaded.  

  • Cephalium (plural cephalia)

    Cephalium (plural cephalia)

    In Cactaceae, structure of woolly hairs and bristles at the stem apex, on which the flowers appear; In Pandanaceae, compound fruiting head composed of semi-fused fruits.  

  • Centrospermous

    Belonging to the old order Centrospermae, now the Caryophyllales.  

  • Centroscopic

    Facing the centre (e.g. of grooves in the phalanges of Pandanus inflorescences) [rarely used].  

  • Centripetal

    Developing from the margin towards the middle. The opposite of Centrifugal. A force directed toward the axis, centrifugal force. Moving toward a center, as from the peripheral tissues to the brain.