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  • Free-central placentation

    Ovules attached to a freestanding axis in the centre of a unilocular ovary.  

  • Free-basal placentation

    Ovules attached to a freestanding axis arising from the base of a unilocular ovary and not reaching the top.  

  • Free

    Not attached to other parts, neither adhering nor united. A label term used to describe an amount that is “nutritionally trivial” and unlikely to have an effect in the body. Not united with any other parts of a different kind. Petals not fused to one another or flower parts not attached to one another (i.e.,…

  • Frass

    Insect damage on herbarium specimen, small plant debris or excrement produced by insects.  

  • Frag

    (Of type) a fragment or small part.  

  • Fractiflex


  • Fr.

    Fruit; Fruiting.  

  • Foveolate

    Minutely pitted, with small depressions.  

  • Foveate



  • Fovea

    Small pit. The region in the retina that is closely packed with cones. A depression in the retina which is the point where the eye sees most clearly. Surface pit or small depression, especially the pit in the center of the macula lutea of the retina; when light rays from an object converge on the…