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  • Foliate


  • Foliar

    Having to do with the leaf.  

  • Foliage


    The leaves of plants.  

  • Foliaceous


  • Foetid


  • Fodder plant

    Crop plant grown for animal feed.  

  • Fluted

    (Of cylindrical objects such as stems) with alternating longitudinal rounded ridges and grooves.  

  • Flush


    Simultaneous emergence of young leaves or flowers on trees and large shrubs. An area where water (usually± base-rich) flows or seeps through the ground, making its vegetation often very different from that of the more acid, stagnant or drier surroundings (mostly found in mountains or moorlands). A red colour in the skin. To wash a…

  • Flowering eye

    Point of emergence from the stem of the inflorescence.  

  • Flower


    An axis bearing one or more pistils (a pistillate flower) or one or more stamens (a staminate flower) or both (a perfect flower), often with parts to make it more functional or more attractive to pollinators (e.g. sepals, petals or rewards such as nectar). An axis bearing one or more pistils or one or more…