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  • Founder effect

    The fact that small isolated groups of immigrants do not represent the complete gene pool for their species and hence may show genetic drift.  

  • Fossulate

    With small grooves.  

  • Fornicate

    Arched or vaultlike; shaped like a fornix. With scale-like appendages. Arching over.  

  • Forma

    Form, a group of plants within a species differing slightly (usually by a single character) from the main population but not sufficiently to be considered a variety or subspecies; A group of plants occurring sporadically throughout the species’ geographical range. A naturally occurring variant of a species; below the level of subspecies in bio¬ logical…

  • Form

    Slight variant; usually with a minor genetic basis. The distinctive size, shape, and external appearance of an object. A piece of paper with blank spaces which you have to write in. A state or condition. The mass or general outline of a hairstyle. It is three-dimensional and has length, width, and depth. A tinted cosmetic…

  • Forked


    Separating into two parts from a common base. (Of gills and veins) Branching, irregularly or equally and dichotomously.  

  • Fork


    Branching point. Although the word fork dates back to about the eleventh century as the name of an implement used to pitch hay, the table fork was not used in England until 1611. It was then that a country squire named Thomas Coryate returned from a trip to Italy, where forks had been used since…

  • Forb

    Herbaceous plant less than 2 m tall, excluding grass-like plants, usually annual, usually covered in leaves (no bare stem) [rather vague term, not recommended].  

  • Foraminate

    (Of wood) pitted with small holes.  

  • Follicular

    Adjective meaning of a follicle. The period of time in the menstrual cycle where the formation of follicles takes place, or the time span that extends from the commencement of menstruation to the occurrence of ovulation. Associated with a spherical cellular unit within the female reproductive organ that houses a mature egg cell.