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  • Flexuose, flexuous

    Sinuous, bent alternately in different directions; flexuous is preferred. Gently bending in opposite directions. Bent alternatively in opposite directions, e.g. zigzag.  

  • Flexible

    Bending easily but springing back to original shape. Easily bending but readily springing back to the original position.  

  • Fleshy


    Succulent, swollen largely because of a high water content. Thick and juicy; succulent. Relatively soft, succulent; not dry or woody. Fleshy fruits are usually eaten by birds or other animals that disperse the seeds by discarding, regurgitating, or defecating them. (Of cap or stem) Soft, decaying readily.  

  • Flesh

    The soft part, as the flesh of a melon. The inner tissue of the cap or stem when viewed with the naked eye. Tissue containing blood, forming the part of the body which is not skin, bone or organs. The soft tissues of the animal body, especially the muscles.  

  • Flaking off

    Coming off in flat, irregularly shaped pieces.  

  • Flagellum (plural flagella)

    (In Araceae) shoot with long slender internodes and reduced leaves; A sterile inflorescence modified as a climbing organ in the form of a barbed whip, found only in some species of Calamus (specialist term used in Palmae, 1986). A whip-like organ produced by some cells that makes motion possible. A tiny growth on a microorganism,…

  • Flagelliform


  • Flagelliflorous

    With flowers and fruit among the leaf litter, on slender shoots coming from a tree trunk (as, for example, in some Annonaceae and Flacourtiaceae).  

  • Flagellate

    Whip-like: long, tapering and supple. A type of parasitic protozoan which uses whip-like hairs to swim, e.g. Leishmania. A type of protozoan with one or more fine whip-like threads (flagella) projecting from its body surface, by means of which it is able to swim. Some flagellates are parasites of man and are therefore of medical…

  • Flaccid

    Limp, drooping. Deficient in firmness. Limp, soft, weak, or flabby (e.g., a muscle). Having poor or absent muscle tone. Relaxed or lacking in stiffness. Used to describe muscles that are not contracting (or following denervation), and organs for example, the penis that are lying loose, empty, or with wrinkles. Describing a muscle’s condition with reduced…