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  • Intracoronal attachment

    A retainer consisting of a metal receptacle (matrix) and a closely fitting part (patrix); the matrix is usually contained within the normal or expanded contours of the crown on the abutment tooth/dental implant and the patrix is attached to a pontic or the removable dental prosthesis framework. An interlocking device, one component of which is…

  • Intrabony

    Within a bone. Used for description of bony defects or periodontal pockets with their base apical to adjacent bone crest. Called also infrabony.  

  • Interstitial

    Positioned between parts or spaces of a tissue envelope. Pertaining to the interstitium. Pertaining to or situated between parts or in the interspaces of a tissue. Spaces in a structure of the body, e.g., tissue. Referring to tissue located in the spaces between parts of something, especially between the active tissues in an organ. Pertaining…

  • Interrupted suture

    Suture made from a single tissue penetration of the flap(s). A suture formed by single stitches inserted separately, the needle usually being passed through one lip of the wound from without inward and through the other from within outward.  

  • Interradicular septum

    Part of the alveolar process that separates individual roots of the same tooth. One of the thin bony partitions between the roots of a multirooted tooth that forms part of the walls of the tooth socket.  

  • Interradicular

    Between the roots of teeth.  

  • Interquartile range (IQR)

    Range of values containing the central half of the observations, i.e., the range between the 25th and 75th percentiles. It is used with the median value to report data that are markedly nonnormally distributed.  

  • Interpupillary line

    Imaginary line connecting the pupils of the eyes. It is useful for evaluating frontal facial symmetry and orientation of the occlusal plane when arranging artificial teeth. An imaginary line between the centers of the eyes, used for radiographical positioning of the skull.  

  • Interproximal space

    Intervening distance between adjacent teeth in the dental arch. The space between the surfaces of adjacent teeth in the dental arch. It is divided into the septal space, gingival to the contact point of the teeth and occupied normally by the interdental papilla of the gingiva, and the embrasure, the space occlusal to the contact…

  • Interpositional graft

    Placement of graft material within a three‐four, or five‐walled bone compartment. Examples include the sinus graft, socket graft, and ridge expansion.