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  • Interpore

    Proprietary product name for porous coralline hydroxyapatite.  

  • Interocclusal rest space

    The measured difference in tooth position between the vertical dimension of occlusion.  

  • Interocclusal record

    A record or registration of the positional relationship of the teeth or jaw position.  

  • Interocclusal clearance (freeway space)

    The space between the maxillary and mandibular opposing teeth when the mandible is suspended in postural (rest) position.  

  • Interocclusal

    Between the occlusal surfaces of opposing teeth. Biting surfaces of opposing teeth. Between the occlusal surfaces or cusps of opposing teeth of the maxillary and mandibular arches.  

  • Internally threaded

    Having a thread pattern within the body of a dental implant.  

  • Internal irrigation

    Method of irrigation during the drilling of osteotomies for the placement of root‐form dental implants, whereby the cooling solution passes inside the shaft of the drilling bur and is delivered through an exit at the working end. This method delivers the cooling solution inside the osteotomy.  

  • Internal hexagon (hex)

    A hexagonal connection interface of the platform of an implant within its coronal aspect. It prevents gross rotation of attached components.  

  • Internal derangement

    Abnormal positioning of the articular disk in relation to the condyle, fossa, or articular eminence; a deviation in form or function of the joint capsule. A condition in which the cartilage disc within the temporomandibular joint is positioned in front of its normal location is referred to as anterior disc displacement.  

  • Internal connector

    A device of varying geometric designs used to unite parts of a fixed partial denture.