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  • Internal connection

    A prosthetic connection interface internal to a dental implant platform. Examples include internal hexagon and Morse taper.  

  • Internal bevel incision (syn)

    Inverse bevel incision, inverted bevel incision, reverse bevel incision. Blade cut made in a coronal to apical direction, designed to reduce the thickness of gingiva or periimplant mucosa from its internal surface (i.e., sulcular side).  

  • Intermediate abutment

    A natural tooth or dental implant located between terminal abutments that provides added stability and retention for the fixed or removable prosthesis.  

  • Intermaxillary

    Between the maxillary and mandibular jaws. Two upper jawbones. Between the two maxillae, as in an intermaxillary suture.  

  • Interlock

    An intracoronal attachment used to segment prosthetic reconstructions.   A multitude of interlocking mechanisms can be discovered within a radiology facility, each fulfilling the purpose of impeding the activation of a particular apparatus until a vital safety measure has been duly acknowledged.  

  • Interleukin‐6 (IL‐6)

    Lymphokine produced by antigen‐ or mitogen‐activated T cells, fibroblasts, macrophages, and other cells that induce differentiation and maturation of B cells and growth of myeloma cells. It activates and induces proliferation of T cells and stimulates synthesis of immunoglobulin and plasma proteins such as fibrinogen.  

  • Interleukin‐4 (IL‐4)

    Lymphokine produced by antigen‐ or mitogen‐activated T cells. Its principal role is regulation of IgEand eosinophil‐mediated immune reactions. It stimulates switching of B cells for production of immunoglobulin E (IgE), is a growth and differentiation factor for T cells (particularly helper T cells), is a growth factor for mast cells, and stimulates the expression of…

  • Interleukins (IL)

    A family of potent proteins that serve as a link between inducer and effector cells during immune and inflammatory responses; involved in the recruitment of immune and inflammatory precursor cells. Some interleukins have been implicated in the pathogenesis of periodontal diseases. A group of naturally occurring proteins and is a subset of a larger group…

  • Interim prosthesis

    A prosthesis typically used before fabrication of a definitive dental or maxillofacial prosthesis. It can be fixed or removable and is designed to enhance esthetics, stabilize teeth, or improve function for a limited time. Such prostheses often help guide the clinician in designing the appearance and function of the final prosthesis. Also known as a…

  • Interimplant papilla

    The soft tissue occupying the interproximal space confined by adjacent implant‐supported fixed partial dentures in contact.