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    Core or mold used to record and/or register relative positions of teeth, anatomic structures, or implants to one another. The recording medium can have reversible or irreversible characteristics. The equation that represents the relationship between one dimension of an object and another dimension.  

  • Inclusion criterion

    Requirement (such as a diagnostic feature or clinical conditions) that must be met for eligibility to participate in a research project, as specified in the protocol. Compare: Exclusion criteria.  

  • Inclined plane

    Any of the inclined cuspal surfaces of a tooth.  

  • Incisive papilla

    Incisive papilla

    The elevation of soft tissue covering the foramen of the incisive or nasopalatine canal. A small bump in the mucosa above and just to the front of the incisive foramen at the very front of the hard palate. The papilla is used as an injection site when anesthetizing the nasopalatine nerve.  

  • Incisive foramen

    An anatomic hole, usually found lingual to the maxillary central incisors, that allows passage of the vascular and neural tissues that supply the anterior maxilla. Foramen of the incisive canal containing the nasopalatal nerve and accompanying blood vessels. It is located just palatal to the two maxillary central incisors along the median suture. Small opening…

  • Incision and drainage

    The surgical procedure of cutting into a lesion to allow the release of exudate. A treatment method in which an abscess or other infected area is opened to allow release of pus and other abnormal materials and fluids.  

  • Internal (inverse, reverse, or inverted)

    An acute or oblique surgical incision angled toward the tooth surface in a coronal‐to‐apical direction which is intended to reduce the thickness or amount of mucogingival tissue. In a position opposed to an original direction.  

  • Incision

    A cut made in soft tissue. A cut made in the body during surgery. A wound made with a sharp instrument. A cut in a person’s body made by a surgeon using a scalpel, or any cut made with a sharp knife or razor. Slit or opening made by cutting, as with a scalpel. A…

  • Incisal guide pin

    Adjustable rod attached to one member of an articulator that contacts the guide table on the opposing member to maintain the degree of cast and jaw separation determined in the mouth.  

  • Incisal guide angle

    Anatomically, the angle formed by the intersection of the plane of occlusion and a line within the sagittal plane determined by the incisal edges of the maxillary and mandibular central incisors when the teeth are in maximum intercuspation. On an articulator, that angle formed, in the sagittal plane, between the plane of reference and the…