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  • Incisal guide

    The part of an articulator that maintains the incisal guide angle (GPT‐4).  

  • Incisal guidance

    The influence of the contacting surfaces of the mandibular and maxillary anterior teeth on mandibular movements. The influences of the contacting surfaces of the guide pin and guide table on articulator movements.  

  • Incisal


    Cutting surface of incisors or canines.  

  • Incipient

    Beginning to exist; coming into existence. Just beginning or in its early stages.    

  • Incidence

    Rate with which new events or cases occur during a certain period of time. Compare: Prevalence. The number of new cases of a disorder that occurs during a specified time period. The frequency with which a disease occurs. The rate of new cases of a disease in a specific population. The number of new cases…

  • Impression wand

    Hand‐held device used for intraoral digital scanning.  

  • Impression tray

    Container used to transport impression medium to the mouth and to limit material flow around the structures to be recorded while the material sets to form an impression. In dentistry, a receptacle with raised edges for carrying impression material and supporting it in contact with the surfaces to be recorded until the impression material sets…

  • Impression taking

    Act of recording the negative likeness of anatomic structures in a suitable medium for a positive reproduction in the form of a cast or moulage.  

  • Impression material

    Any substance or combination of substances used for making an impression or negative reproduction. Any of a variety of deformable materials used to make a negative reproduction of oral structures. Some common impression materials are waxes, polymers, elastomers, reversible hydrocolloids, and irreversible hydrocolloids.  

  • Impression coping

    A device that registers the position of a dental implant or dental implant abutment in an impression. It may be retained in the impression (direct) or may require a transfer from intraoral usage to the impression after the attachment of the corresponding analog (indirect).