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  • Impression

    An accurate reproduction, in the negative form, of an individual’s dentition and other important anatomical structures contained within the oral cavity. A mould of a person’s jaw made by a dentist before making a denture. A depression on an organ or structure into which another organ or structure fits. Mold of a part of the…

  • Implantology

    A term historically conceived as the study or science of placing and restoring dental implants.  

  • Implant type

    Classification according to anatomic position, material composition, configuration, shape, surface, and/or implant–tissue interface. Type of implant is determined by the choice of classification system and varies among manufacturers.  

  • Implant–tissue‐supported prosthesis

    An overdenture that derives its support from a combination of intraoral tissues and dental implants. This type of restoration is always removable and may be either partial or complete arch.  

  • Implant thread

    Varied geometric extrusion from the body of a metal implant. Specific design feature of a threaded implant that is manufacturer specific. There are basics in standard screw thread design related to the geometry of a screw. Variations between manufacturers are based on the pitch or slant of the thread and the frequency or number of…

  • Implant system

    Group of devices or artificial objects combined for use in a common purpose. Implant systems include all hardware and related instruments/devices used for their application.  

  • Implant survival

    Existence of an implant in the oral cavity under stated criteria. It is generally considered desirable to maximize the bone–implant contact (BIC) (i.e., osseointegration) of a functionally loaded implant. It can be assumed, subjectively, that increased BIC is associated with high implant survival.  

  • Implant surgery

    The phase of implant dentistry concerning the selection, planning, and placement of the implant body and abutment.  

  • Implant surface

    External surface of an implant body; the façade of an implant, including its macro and micro surface shape and texture. In the manufacture of an implant, various surface treatments may be used, including, but not limited to, polishing, machining, acid‐etching, and grit‐blasting, to create the desired surface topography.  

  • Implant‐supported prosthesis (ISP)

    Replacement for missing natural teeth that receives retention, support, and stability from dental implants.