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  • Kluyveromyces fragalis

    A gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium found in human clinical specimens. It occasionally acts as an opportunistic pathogen, causing respiratory and urinary infections.  

  • Kettle-singing sound

    A chest noise occasionally detected in the early stages of pulmonary tuberculosis, described as reminiscent of the sound of water boiling in a kettle.  

  • Koch’s postulate

    A medical principle known as Koch’s postulates outlines the criteria for establishing that a specific microorganism causes a particular disease. These criteria include: (1) The microorganism must be found in every case of the disease; (2) It must be isolated and grown in a pure culture; (3) When this culture is introduced into susceptible animals,…

  • Knee elbow position

    The position in which the patient rests on their knees and elbows, with their head supported by their hands.  

  • knuckles

    The joints in the fingers, particularly those that link the palm of the hand with the fingers and thumb.  

  • Knee cap

    The patella, a roughly circular bone situated in the front of the knee joint.  

  • Kerectomy

    Surgical excision of a portion of the eye’s cornea, also known as keratectomy.  

  • Keratosis seborrheica

    Smooth patches of skin covered in oily scales that gradually become thicker.  

  • Keratosis pharyngeus

    An uncommon condition characterized by the presence of horn-like growths emerging from the crevices of the tonsils located in the rear of the throat.  

  • Keratosis nigricans

    A widespread darkening of the skin, often accompanied by growths resembling warts, typically linked to malignancies in internal organs.