Category: L

  • Limbate

    Bordered, used especially when the margin has a different colour [unusual term].  

  • Limb

    The upper, usually expanded, flat part of the calyx or corolla (especially if united into a tube below); A large branch. The border of a monopetalous corolla. The upper, wider part of an organ such as a petal (cf claw). One of the legs or arms.  

  • Lilac


    (Colour) pale purple.  

  • Liguliform

    Strap-shaped, said of rather small organs.  

  • Ligule


    A distal projection of the leaf sheath; (In fern allies) a small triangular organ on the adaxial side of the fertile leafbase in Isoetes and Selaginella; (In Compositae/Asteraceae), the 5-toothed strap-shaped floret type typical of the tribe Lactuceae, but also found in other tribes. A strap-shaped structure, such as a s ingle peta l of…

  • Ligulate

    Strap-shaped, narrow and with parallel sides; With a ligule; (In Compositae/Asteraceae inflorescences) denoting the presence of florets with a ligule. Strap-shaped, or tongue-shaped.  

  • Lignotuber


    Woody swelling at the base of the plant below or just above the ground, from which new shoots can develop through adventitious buds if the top of the plant is damaged; common in areas that are regularly burnt.  

  • Lignified

    Referring to a herbaceous structure that has become woody.  

  • Ligniferous

    (Of branches) forming wood but not producing inflorescences.  

  • Ligneous