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  • Lithophyte


    Plant growing on rock.  

  • Lip

    One of the two divisions of a gamosepalous calyx or a zygomorphic corolla that is divided into an upper (posterior) and lower (anterior) portion; (In orchids) labellum or lowest petal, usually larger and different in shape from the two lateral ones. Either of the two fleshy, full-blooded margins of the mouth. The principal lobes of…

  • Lingulate


  • Linguiform


  • Lineolate


    Marked with fine or thin lines.  

  • Lineate

    Marked with thin parallel lines.  

  • Linear

    Narrow and much longer than wide, with parallel margins. The current interpretation differs from that of Lindley. Having a narrow leaf, four to five times as long as wide, with more or less parallel sides. A botanical term meaning narrow or slender. Long and narrow, the sides being parallel and the length at least eight…

  • Line

    (Old measurement) 1/12 of an inch, 2.12 mm (except the Paris line, which is 2.32 mm). A term used in the context of “line and staff,” which refers to authority in an organization. Line authority is hierarchical: a floor nurse reports to a head nurse, who in turn reports to the chief of nursing, who…

  • Limicolous

    Growing in mud.  

  • Limen

    Floral disk (e.g. in Passifloraceae) [unusual term]. A border or boundary. The limen nasi is the boundary between the bony and cartilaginous parts of the nasal cavity.