Category: M

  • Mutagenicity

    The ability to cause or induce mutations.  

  • Micrococcus luteus

    A small, spherical, gram-positive, aerobic bacterium, typically found in irregular clusters. This saprophytic and non-pathogenic microorganism is commonly present in soil, water, dust, and dairy products.  

  • Microcomedone

    The initial phase of comedone development, characterized by a comedone so tiny that it can only be observed under a microscope.  

  • Mixed vaccine

    A vaccine developed using multiple strains of bacteria.  

  • Molar tooth

    One of the rear teeth that serve to grind food. In each quadrant of the human jaw, there are three molars positioned behind the premolars.  

  • Maximum and minimum thermometer.

    A thermometer equipped with two connected tubes, each featuring markers that record the highest and lowest temperatures it has experienced.  

  • Mesial surface

    The part of the tooth’s crown that faces the center line.  

  • Mucous stools

    Stools that contain a significant amount of mucus, suggesting inflammation in the intestines.  

  • Meconium stools

    The thick, greenish substance composed of mucous tissue cells, bile, lanugo hairs, and vernix caseosa that accumulates in the intestines and constitutes the initial bowel movement of a newborn, typically occurring three or four days after birth. This is a normal occurrence.  

  • Miliary sclerosis

    Small patches of hardening found in the spinal cord in certain cases of pernicious anemia, paired with subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord.