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  • Mill

    To subject to an operation or process in a mill; to grind. To shape or dress by means of instruments.  

  • Migration, pathologic dental

    Migration, pathologic dental

    The movement of a tooth out of its former position when the etiology or etiologies responsible for such movement are associated with a disease process.  

  • Midfacial fracture

    Fracture of the middle third of the face, including zygomatic, maxillary, nasal, and other associated bones of the midface.  

  • Middle superior alveolar nerve

    Branch of the infraorbital nerve arising at the infraorbital groove. It runs downwards and forward in the lateral wall of the sinus to supply the maxillary premolars.  

  • Midcrestal incision

    An incision made in the middle of the crest of an edentulous ridge.  

  • Microtextured surface treatment

    Treatment providing a microscopically roughened surface.  

  • Microstomia


    Having an abnormally small oral orifice. Abnormal smallness of the mouth.  

  • Microradiography

    Radiographic recording of the details within the structure of thin specimens at a high magnification. Also known as X‐ray micrography. “The technique of passing X‐rays through a thin metal section in contact with a fine‐grained photograph to obtain a radiograph which can be viewed at 50× to l00× to observe constituents and voids.” Technique of…

  • Microorganism

    A microscopic organism; those of medical interest include bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and protozoa. An organism that can be seen only through a microscope. Microorganisms include bacteria, protozoa, algae, and fungi. Although viruses are not considered living organisms, they are sometimes classified as microorganisms. An organism which cannot be observed with the naked eye; e.…

  • Micromotion

    Relative motion on a microscopic scale. It generally describes the relative motion between an implant and its osteotomy site during the initial healing period or relative motion between mechanical components of the implant stack.