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  • Median jaw relation

    Any jaw relation when the mandible is in the median sagittal plane.  

  • Median

    Value that separates the highest 50% of the scores from the lowest 50%. Useful in describing the central tendency of abnormally distributed data, because it is less influenced by the outlier data (i.e., extreme values) that skew the distribution and can have a disproportionate effect on the mean. Situated in the middle This is the…

  • Mechanicoreceptor

    Nerve ending (receptor) that is excited by mechanical pressure. The mechanical pressure may result from muscle contraction, external pressure (including sound), or touch.  

  • Mechanical failure

    Failure of a component caused by mechanical forces. It may be catastrophic in nature or the result of wear, fatigue, or plastic deformation.  

  • Mean (Average; X Bar)

    Arithmetic average of a group of values. The mean is a common descriptive statistic best used to summarize the central tendency of normally distributed data. In this use, it is usually accompanied by the standard deviation. Defined as the quotient obtained by dividing the sum of a set of readings or observations by the number…

  • MDAF (abbrev)

    Macrophage‐derived angiogenic factor.  

  • McGill consensus statement

    Conclusion from a 2002 meeting of experts held at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, discussing implant overdenture therapy. Consensus on the use of overdentures was that a two‐implant supported overdenture was the first choice for restoration of the edentulous mandible and not a conventional denture.  

  • Maximum bite force

    The greatest load a patient can generate by intentionally biting down on an indicating device. This measurement may influence prosthetic design, especially if the patient can develop extreme loads.  

  • Maximal intercuspal position

    Sometimes referred to as centric occlusion, this is the best fit of the upper teeth to the lower teeth regardless of the position of the mandibular condyle. Called also maximal intercuspation. Compare: Centric occlusion.  

  • Maximal intercuspal contacts

    Position that results in maximal tooth contact between the mandibular and maxillary dental arches when the jaws are in a closed position.