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  • Mode

    Value with the largest number of observations, namely the most frequent value or values. The value that occurs most frequently in a set of data. In statistics, any class occurring most frequently. A type of average; also an alternate term for modalities or sensory modes. A statistical term which is the most frequently occurring value…

  • Mobility, tooth

    The movement of a tooth in its socket resulting from an applied force.  

  • MMP (abbrev)

    Matrix metalloproteinase.  

  • Mitogen

    A substance that causes DNA synthesis, blast transformation, and mitosis in lymphocytes. An agent that triggers mitosis, elicit all the signals necessary to induce cell proliferation. A substance (e.g., growth factor, hormone, etc.) that initiates cell division within the body. For example, most Angiogenic Growth Factors (e.g., fibroblast growth factor) stimulate cell division of the…

  • Misfit

    Lack of precise adaptation of one component to another, particularly the lack of ideal passive fit of a multiple‐unit prosthesis to two or more implants. Misfit is considered to be detrimental in that it may lead to increased occurrence of component loosening or fracture and may contribute to attachment loss adjacent to an implant.  

  • Mirroring

    The process of symmetrically copying and transferring one dental design feature (e.g., crown) to the contralateral side. For example, mirroring a maxillary central incisor so that its pair is an exact, mirrored duplicate. As conceptualized by Heinz Kohut (1913–1981), the empathic responsiveness of the parent to the developing child’s activities. The parental response teaches the…

  • Minor (thread) diameter

    The smallest diameter of a screw thread.  

  • Minor connector

    The connecting link between the major connector or base of a partial removable dental prosthesis and the other units of the prosthesis, such as the clasp assembly, indirect retainers, occlusal rests, or cingulum rests.  

  • Minor aphtha

    Minor aphtha

    The most common form of recurrent aphthae. Also known as a canker sore. Shallow, painful, nonscarring ulcers surrounded by an erythematous halo that are usually found on movable, nonkeratinized oral mucosa.  

  • Miniscrew


    Small titanium threaded implant used for temporary orthodontic anchorage via mechanical monocortical bone retention.