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  • Non-inflammatory

    In acne, comedones that do not exhibit any associated skin redness.  

  • Nodulocystic acne

    A severe type of acne marked by many inflamed, deep nodules and large, pus-filled cysts resembling boils. These nodules are sensitive to touch and have a firm texture. The intense inflammation may turn the acne very red or purplish. Scarring is common as the acne heals.  

  • Notched tooth

    A tooth that has a misshapen cutting edge because of abnormal development.  

  • Night spasm

    Painful tightening of the calf muscles that occurs shortly after getting into bed at night. If it is not a symptom of an underlying medical condition, many nighttime leg spasms or cramps can be alleviated by taking a nightly dose of quinine.  

  • Normal saline solution

    A solution created by adding approximately one level teaspoon of regular table salt to a pint of water. In surgery, much purer and precise solutions are used. It is also known as an isotonic solution or normal salt solution.  

  • Nasal sinuse

    Air-filled spaces, covered by a mucous membrane, that connect to the nasal passages. The two maxillary sinuses are located in the cheekbones, the two frontal sinuses are situated within the bone on either side of the base of the nose, and the ethmoid sinuses link to the rear of the nasal airways.  

  • Non-thrombocytopenic purpura

    A blend of various purpura types, characterized by the presence of purpura (purple or red spots on the skin), colic, vomiting, and diarrhea. It may also be accompanied by symptoms like urticaria (hives), edema (swelling), and swollen joints. This group encompasses purpura simplex, rheumatic purpura, and Schonlein’s purpura. The condition can be triggered by factors…

  • Nocturnal pollution

    An involuntary release of semen during sleep, also known as a wet dream.  

  • Nymphectomy

    Surgical extraction of one or both nymphae.  

  • Nympha

    One of the two smaller lips at the vaginal opening, known as the labium minus pudendi.