Category: N

  • Nyctalope

    An individual who has better vision in low-light conditions compared to daylight.  

  • Nummulation

    The creation of coin-shaped structures. The state where red blood cells cluster together in a formation resembling stacks of coins, known as rouleaux formation.  

  • Nubility

    The stage of sexual maturity at which sexual intercourse becomes possible.  

  • Nubile

    At an age suitable for marriage or at an age when a female is capable of bearing a child.  

  • Nosotoxicosis

    Any illness resulting from toxic exposure or poisoning.  

  • Nosomycosis

    Any illness brought about by a fungal infection.  

  • Niter

    Saltpeter is also known as potassium nitrate.  

  • Nightwalking

    Noctambulation, also known as somnambulism or sleepwalking.  

  • Nevus vasculosus

    A bright red or slightly elevated small bump that might be present at birth or emerge within the subsequent two weeks. It consistently grows until around nine months of age, after which it starts to slowly fade. By roughly the age of five years, it vanishes entirely or might leave minor scarring.  

  • Neurosuture

    The stitching of the severed ends of a nerve.