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  • Occupational neurosis

    A neurosis related to one’s occupation, seen in professions like manual laborers, typists, musicians, and seamstresses. Essentially, the symptom can become an avoidance mechanism for tasks perceived as frustrating or unfavorable, especially if poorly designed tools are used. For instance, in writer’s cramp, writing becomes progressively challenging. The individual holds the pen too tightly, struggles…

  • Obsessional neurosis

    A neurosis where obsessive actions or thoughts take over a person’s life. For example, these individuals might repeatedly check if they’ve closed a door multiple times or feel compelled to count tea leaves they’re adding to a pot or the peas they’ve shelled.  

  • Oxymetazoline

    A decongestant medication employed to address conditions such as allergic rhinitis (hay fever), sinusitis, and the common cold.  

  • Ovysmen

    A proprietary oral birth control medication comprising ethinylestradiol (a synthetic variant of the female hormone estradiol) and levonorgestrel (a progestogen compound).  

  • Overuse injury

    Commonly referred to as repetitive strain injury, this is a term used to describe any injury resulting from the repetitive motion of a specific body part. Symptoms encompass discomfort and rigidity in the impacted muscles and joints. Instances comprise of epicondylitis, which denotes the painful inflammation of a bony prominence at the elbow. This condition…

  • Otrivine

    Otrivine is the trade name for xylometazoline, a decongestant medication utilized to alleviate nasal congestion in the management of allergic rhinitis. It can be obtained as a nasal spray or in drop form.  

  • Otoacoustic emission

    A sound reflection generated by the inner ear in response to external sounds. This emission occurs when the ear functions normally and is captured in a test used to identify hearing impairments.  

  • Osteochondritis juvenilis

    Inflammation of an epiphysis, which is the developing end of a bone, that occurs among children and adolescents is known as osteochondritis juvenilis. This condition triggers pain, tenderness, and limited mobility if the epiphysis is part of a joint. The inflammation results in the bone becoming softened, potentially leading to deformity. The cause of this…

  • Ossopan

    A trade name for hydroxyapatite, a calcium supplement employed in managing osteoporosis, a condition characterized by the depletion of bone tissue.  

  • Osler’s disease

    An infrequent hereditary disorder where capillaries (minute blood vessels) in the skin and mucous membranes, like those found in the mouth and nose, expand and create red spots. This condition, also recognized as hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, follows an autosomal dominant genetic pattern. The growths can be prone to easy bleeding. Frequent nosebleeds, which can commence…