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  • Osteodystrophia fibrosa

    A rare condition that exclusively affects females, characterized by uneven pigmentation patches along with the presence of cysts in the bones. This condition is also known as Albright’s disease.  

  • Osteodystrophia deformans

    A condition that typically occurs in older individuals, impacting one or more bones and resulting in deformities due to irregular growth. The exact cause is unknown. This condition is also referred to as osteitis deformans or Paget’s disease.  

  • Osteodermia

    The transformation of a section of skin into bone tissue.  

  • Osteochondrosarcoma

    A malignant tumor originating from bone and cartilage cells.  

  • Ossificans

    Generating bone or undergoing transformation into bone.  

  • Ossiferous

    Generating or containing bone tissue.  

  • Ossicula auditus

    The small bones responsible for hearing, located in the middle ear.  

  • Osmidrosis

    A state in which sweat emits an unusually unpleasant odor. It is also referred to as bromidrosis.  

  • Osier nodes

    Tiny, painful lumps located in the fingertip tissue during subacute infectious endocarditis, an infection that consistently develops in a previously compromised heart. In 80 percent of cases, the responsible infectious agent is a hemolytic streptococcus bacterium.  

  • Orthotonus

    A type of muscle cramp that forces the individual to remain rigid and fully extended.