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  • Primary cancer

    The type of cancer arising from the originating site or organ. The original cell or tissue type from which a metastatic cancer arises.  

  • Primary anorgasmia

    Primary orgasmic dysfunction.  

  • Primary amenorrhea

    A condition in a woman where, by age 18 or older, she has never menstruated secondary amenorrhea. Delay of menarche until after age 16 or the absence of secondary sex characteristics after age 14. Typical causes include congenital abnormalities of reproductive structures, such as the mullerian ducts; absence of the uterus and/or vagina; imperforate hymen;…

  • Prima facie case

    In law, a case in which the evidence is so strong that the opposing party can over throw the evidence only by providing stronger rebutting evidence.  

  • Prima facie

    At first view, before investigation.  

  • Primacy principle

    In political socialization, the idea that a person’s political orientations are largely determined in childhood with only minor variations in adolescence and adulthood.  

  • Primacy effect

    In learning or attitude formation, the tendency of the information that is received first to be most important in determining the person’s overall view of objects, conditions, issues, or other people.  

  • Priapism

    A prolonged erection of the penis, lasting more than 4 h, caused by a pathological condition or a drug. An erection of the penis without sexual stimulus, caused by a blood clot in the tissue of the penis, injury to the spinal cord or stone in the urinary bladder. Abnormal condition in which the penis…

  • Preventive medicine

    A medical specialty concerned with ways in which diseases can be prevented. Care which has the aim of preventing disease or its consequences. It includes health care programs aimed at warding off illnesses (e.g., immunization), early detection of disease (e.g., Pap smears), and inhibiting further deterioration of the body (e.g., exercise or prophylactic surgery). Preventive…

  • Preventive health care

    Health care directed toward precluding the onset of a health problem.