Category: Q

  • Quantifiable

    It is possible to represent certain concepts or phenomena as numerical quantities. In the realm of psychology, the outcomes of measurable psychological assessments can be converted into numeric values referred to as scores.  

  • Quadrivalent vaccine

    There exists a vaccination that provides protection against a quartet of disease-causing microorganisms.  

  • Quantum noise

    An arbitrary noise configuration emerges due to inadequate absorption of the x-ray beam within the subject and/or the input screen of the image intensifier, resulting in an uneven pattern.  

  • Quantum

    The substantiality of energy connected to a particular occurrence can be ascribed to the quantum of electromagnetic radiation, commonly known as the photon.  

  • Quantity of electricity

    The magnitude of electric current passing through a circuit at a specific moment in time.  

  • Q shell

    The seventh electron shell encircling the nucleus of an atom, accommodating electrons distinguished by a principal quantum number of 7.  

  • Q electron

    An electron occupying an orbital within the Q shell, which corresponds to the seventh electron shell encircling the atomic nucleus, counting outward from the nucleus.  

  • Quick freezing

    Let us delve into the fascinating world of commercial food freezing, a process that surpasses the pace of home freezing by leaps and bounds. The key distinction lies in the swift temperature reduction experienced within the water-freezing zone, often referred to as “the zone of maximum crystal formation.” Within the range of 32° to 25°,…

  • Queen of puddings

    Prepare yourself for a quintessentially British delight, a splendid pudding that harmoniously combines the velvety embrace of custard and the comforting texture of bread crumbs. This culinary masterpiece unfolds as a symphony of flavors, commencing with a layer of luscious jam gracefully spread atop the custard-infused foundation. The crowning glory of this indulgence takes form…

  • Queen cake

      Behold the exquisite delight hailing from the realms of Great Britain, a diminutive, airy confectionary masterpiece that tantalizes the taste buds. This delectable treat, known as a cupcake, boasts a decadent richness that is second to none. Within its delicate crumb, one discovers an orchestra of flavors orchestrated by the presence of luscious golden…